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They’re so versatile!
We love K-pop and K-drama-so when our favorite K-pop idols are confirmed to star in a series, you bet we get excited! Don't we just all love how talented they are? Here, let's take a look
Will we ever get over this era?
BTS just came back with their newest album and everyone just can't contain their feels! And that includes us-we would just like to point out that they really have a way of making their fans cry. Not from sadness,
Such a supportive friendship!
It's a good day for Daisys because the Girl's Day just had a mini-reunion to show their support for Minah's musical debut!A post shared by @bbang_93The group's main vocalist took to Instagram and shared a photo
We’re *so* excited!
Last week, Pinoy Blackjacks received huge news: Minzy has officially signed with Viva Records! This means that as a Viva artist, she'll be promoting her work in our country as a musician (and *maybe* as an actress, too!). To kick-start
Get well soon, Suga!
ARMYs, worry no more-BTS' Jimin just gave us an update on Suga's current situation and mentioned that his condition is improving!In a recent live broadcast on BTS' YouTube channel, Jimin, who just finished practicing choreography with
Mark your calendars for November 30!
After debuting as part of EXO in 2012, Kai's longtime dream will be finally realized: He'll be releasing his very first solo album real soon! The 26-year-old K-pop star just posted teasers for his mini-
It's real!!
Updated, Friday 13 November, 2020: It's confirmed, Blackjacks! Minzy is officially a Viva artist, and the singer is set to release a Tagalog version of her 2020 release, "Lovely." Mark your calendars for the local version will be available on
'Internet and technology use wasn't really that big during that time. We were happy with 360p videos.'
In 2020, K-pop continues to break through global airwaves and online media with an overwhelming variety of musical acts and content these artists produce. Ask anyone now if they've listened to K-pop, and you'd most likely
The two have been dating for one year and three months.
Sad K-pop news coming through: TWICE's Jihyo and Kang Daniel have decided to put an end to their relationship after one year and three months of dating.?? ?? ?? ?? 1????! ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ????? ??????!! ?? ???!!????A post shared by TWICE (@twicetagram) on Nov 5, 2020 at
BTS, you are the cause of my euphoria.
Do you ever love a K-pop group so much that sometimes you just catch yourself smiling while listening to their songs? And then you just put your hand on your chest, take a deep breath, and thank the universe for allowing
The long wait is over!
Hello to everyone especially to Airens-we will get to witness Lee Seung Gi as a singer once again because he will be releasing new music next month!A post shared by ??????? Leeseunggi (@leeseunggi.official) on Dec 31, 2019 at 10:41pm
There's more to Super Junior than 'Sorry, Sorry.'
Most K-pop groups that have been in the business long enough are known for certain songs in their discography: For example, TVXQ's "Mirotic" will always have even non-fans of the group singing along to the chorus. In Super
This news had us feeling ~so energetic~!
Listen up, Wannables-it looks like it's going to be a very merry Christmas for us because Wanna One might just reunite for a stage performance at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2020 MAMA)!MORE K-POP GROUPS RIGHT
Congrats, unnie!
Us Pinoys have loved Sandara Park since her days as a teen star on ABS-CBN. She then made us even more proud as she took on the world stage as a K-pop idol in the groundbreaking girl group 2NE1. In
The king is coming!
Get ready, VIPs-BIGBANG's G-Dragon gearing up for his solo comeback!????A post shared by ????????(???) (@xxxibgdrgn) on Jul 21, 2020 at 5:25am PDTJUST G-DRAGON STORIES DOMINATING SOCIAL MEDIA:In an article by Soompi, YG Entertainment has confirmed the
These words will come in handy for any online conversation!
You may have discovered your favorite K-pop group when you heard them on the radio, came across their name in an online article, or when they drew your attention on YouTube. And by now, we bet you are patiently waiting for
We want to be their star!
ASTRO debuted in February 2016 as entertainment company Fantagio's new K-pop boy group! Over the years, they've *stolen* lots of hearts and we've seen them grow into the adorable idols they are today. The group
She's the ultimate fan goals!
We woke up today to Glamour's YouTube video of BTS reacting to fan covers and boy, are we extra ecstatic because a Pinay made it to the list and was recognized by the boys themselves!HERE ARE BTS' SONGS THAT YOU
Short answer: VERY.
BLACKPINK has come a long way since they debuted in 2016. For four years, the phenomenal K-pop girl group has had jam-packed concerts, millions of albums sold, billions of YouTube views, and a string of international brand endorsements. If you'
Like Donghae said, everything's gonna be Super Junior.
Updated, November 5, 2020: Everything is *indeed* Super Junior lately-the content from LabelSJ just keeps coming! ELFs, in case you missed it, here's a quick summary of what's happened recently in the world of Suju:Don'