Awk times.
Good morning! If you need a break from royal baby news, please look no further than this clip from Carpool Karaoke: The Series, in which Hailey Baldwin is hooked up to a lie detector while in a moving car and peppered with
'On my way na!'
Listen, you're mainly a good person, but sometimes you just need to lie. Whether it's to get out of something you really, really don't want to do, or just to excuse your own poor behavior, sometimes it's easier
Lochte opened up to Matt Lauer about lying and being "immature."
And here's our next installment in #LochteGate! In this episode, it looks like Ryan Lochte consulted with a PR professional who was like, "You need to get your act together, son." (Maybe he was able to hire Al Roker, who got ~
If you're covering up your mistake with lies, you're not doing something right.
Relationships should be based on truth, and partners are advised to always be honest with each other. But there are exceptions to the rule, if you think about it. Your partner doesn't need to know how far you went with your
Here's a handy skill to practice on your dates this summer: Learn how to spot a liar right away through his body language.
1. He shugs his shoulders.If you ask him a question about his past and catch him doing this a lot, it could be a sign of uncertainty. So if he does so while talking definitively, be suspicious.2. He contradicts himself.
Our Quickie Blogger reflects on why it's easier to be straightforward and, sometimes, tactless.
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