Here's how you can keep it in good condition for months.
You've probably read and heard a bunch of horror stories about what people have found inside their dirty makeup sponges. From mold, to insects, to old makeup stains, the cringey list goes on and on. The culprit behind those disgusting
We can't wait!
Editor's Note: Updated on February 14, 2019, at 3:05 p.m. Anna just upated all of us via Instagram to be careful with resellers, clarifying that she doesn't have any legit retail partners yet. She also said
What's a budget-friendly dupe for the HG makeup sponge?
The BeautyBlender is the pink egg-shaped sponge that almost all YouTube gurus and makeup artists are crazy about! Unlike brushes that you sweep on the face, the BB is stippled (tapped and bounced) to provide a more targeted application and a
Make it as good as new!
A makeup sponge is hard to wash because it absorbs cream and liquid products, which leave stains. But thanks to an internet cleaning hack, we can now bring it back to its pristine condition. Watch how it's done below!VIDEO:
If a silicone sponge and your fingers had a baby, this is what it would look like.
Many makeup applicators have tried to dethrone the Beautyblender as the queen of applying anything ~flawlessly~. When the SiliSponge came out last year, many thought it would be the end of the famous pink ball's reign-alas, it wasn't; if
Why haven't we thought of this before?
It's a universal truth: The leftover makeup on a sponge is damn hard to remove. No amount of baby shampoo or brush cleanser is enough to bring it back to its immaculate state. Thankfully, Twitter user 2CHINZz posted a ~*genius*~
And you probably use it everyday, too!
How often do you wash the sponge in your powder compact? Hmm, probably never, right? Well, here's the problem: all the oil, sweat, and dirt from your face and fingertips are on your sponge right now and it's also contaminating
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