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It's a matcha made in heaven.
Can't get over the matcha trend? We feel you. If you've been craving green tea (the queen of antioxidants!), look no further. We asked readers in our Cosmo Community on Facebook where they buy their all-time fave
This milk-tea shop makes the interesting pairing work.
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. But when done right, tea and coffee can taste surprisingly great together-as proven by a one-of-a-kind drink we recently tried: The Matcha Milk & Espresso Panna Cotta by milk
Here's another matcha treat you can get delivered!
Some people fuel up with coffee, but tea lovers know there's nothing like the rejuvenating power of matcha-especially when it's combined with milk to make a creamy yet earthy matcha latte. We know you have your go-
Try saying 'mango-matcha mochi' three times fast!
Can't get over the matcha trend? We feel you. From pudding, to a dalgona-whipped drink, to truffles, and even pan de sal, the matcha flavor has definitely branched out (pun intended). If you have a sweet tooth, why not
It's a matcha made in heaven. ;)
Of the many ~quarantreats~ that have been popping up left and right, none is as popular as pan de sal. Perhaps the most famous iteration is ube and cream cheese, with people ordering new boxes every week because of how good it
We're in love with these bite-sized treats!
In case you haven't noticed, truffles are enjoying their time in the spotlight again. Usually served as balls or squares, they are bite-sized treats that are super delicious and actually easy to make! You can whip up a batch
A matcha made in heaven, indeed!
If you're a fan of green tea, then we've put together several matcha-flavored dessert recipes by Healthy Foodie PH that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. High in antioxidants, matcha is believed to help boost brain
It's a matcha made in heaven.
If you've already perfected the art of making Dalgona Coffee, Dalgona Milo, and Dalgona Milk Tea, start whipping outside the box and take it up a notch. Thanks to Healthy Foodie PH, you can try your hand at making "Dalgona
A matcha made in heaven.
Look, we get it. It's hard to commit to a healthy lifestyle, especially if it means having to force-feed yourself with a kale smoothie or something equally unsatisfying-looking at you, zucchini pasta. But with matcha, it's different. Not