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'I knew this trip was just what my soul needed.'
Maxene Magalona recently went on another solo, ~soul-searching~ trip. While meditating, the actress said that she suddenly felt the urge to "take a road trip" so she traveled all the way to Baguio on her own. "Be fearless in the pursuit
Maxene also praised the other self-healers out there.
Maxene Magalona opened up in an Instagram post on how she uses "self-healing" to deal with her mental health condition.Posted on January 14, the actress began her lengthy post by praising "the strong and brave souls who continue to get
'I see each and every one of you and appreciate you for the love that you shared with me.'
It's clear that Maxene Magalona shares a special bond with her parents-in-law, Millet and Roberto Mananquil. She recently spent quality time with them, enjoying a New Year's Eve dinner with "two of the kindest and most
The actress penned a heartfelt message dedicated to her husband Rob Mananquil's mom and dad.
There is no doubt that Maxene Magalona shares a special bond with her parents-in-law, Millet and Roberto Mananquil, and her latest Instagram post is proof.On the heels of separation rumors, the actress took to the social platform yesterday to
Both Maxene and Rob have not released a statement on the matter.
Did Maxene Magalona and husband Rob Mananquil break up?The actress and her musician husband are caught up in breakup rumors after eagle-eyed fans spotted that she has unfollowed Rob on Instagram. She has also noticeably dropped her husband's
'Actors are human beings, too.'
Maxene Magalona did a bit of solo soul searching over the holidays in Boracay and the actress took to Instagram to share a lengthy post about people asking her "a lot of questions" about her personal life.Posted on December 31 on
'Being part of this family makes me feel that God’s love truly is perfect.'
Maxene Magalona couldn't help but break into tears while on the set of the mystery and crime drama series Viral.The actress got super emotional when the cast and crew of the show surprised her with a cake on her
'Today is a great day to smile and be happy.'
Yup, it's real: Julia Montes just posted beach photos with Coco Martin, and they honestly look SO CUTE! She captioned her post, "Today is a great day to smile and be happy." And although we don't *exactly* see
Happiest birthday to you, two!
Sisters Maxene Magalona and Saab Magalona share the same birthday, November 23, but, as we all know, they aren't twins! They were actually born two years apart: Maxene in 1986 and Saab in 1988. And yesterday, November 23, Maxene posted
'My most rock bottom was when I was starting to punch walls and kick doors.'
Maxene Magalona recently opened up about her struggles with a mental health condition.In an interview with Toni Gonzaga, the actress talked about a toxic time in her life following the death of her father, rapper Francis Magalona, in 2009. Francis was
And it has to do with her late father Francis M.
The late Francis M passed away in 2009 when he lost his battle with leukemia. But his legacy lives on in the hearts of Pinoys, especially his family who continue to share his music and stories of their beloved papa. Maxene Magalona,
The actress said she had a "perfect week."
Angelica Panganiban recently shared a new photo of her non-showbiz boyfriend Gregg Homan. In the photo, Angelica can be seen giving Gregg a kiss on a yacht as they enjoyed a beautiful view of the sunset. Angelica wrote in her caption: "
She even wore her dad's 'Kaleidoscope World' MV shirt!
Saab Magalona remembered her father, the late Francis M, in a very special way.On Father's Day, Saab uploaded a cover of her dad's rap song "1-800 Ninety Six" on her YouTube channel. "In memory of Francis
'I didn't realize how much I've missed The Philippines until the day I flew back.'
On February 29, 2020, Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil flew from Manila, Philippines to Bali, Indonesia to attend a four-week yoga training course. As we all know, the world went on lockdown in the second week of March which
She got them done in Bali, Indonesia!
Maxene Magalona recently took to Instagram to show off her brand new ink, and we're absolutely *loving* the meaning behind them! She got two line tattoos that are absolutely perfect for ~minimalist~ girls. She also tagged the tattoo studio where
May they be ~fitness inspos~ for you and your partner!
Sometimes, the stars (no pun intended) align and hot, rich, and famous people end up dating-or, in some cases, marrying-each other. Let's be real: We love to see it because it's weirdly satisfying to see attractive
Which of these have you watched?
Pinoys have been obsessed with Koreanovelas since the early 2000s.Popularly known today as K-dramas, these shows received good ratings when their Tagalized versions were aired on Philippine TV.This prompted ABS-CBN and GMA-7 to buy the rights to
Here's a rundown of successful professional family relationships.
Due to the pandemic, Maxene and her husband Rob Mananquil have been stuck in Indonesia since February 29.
It was in the middle of March when the Philippines felt the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic head-on. The virus was no longer just a threat but an actual-albeit invisible-enemy to mankind. Luzon was placed under lockdown,
They are each other's favorite travel buddies!
For these celebrity couples, the world is always best explored with each other. Whether for work or leisure and local or international destinations, and whether officially married or committed sweethearts-they have each other as their designated travel buddies. Travel plays a