She was reportedly released from a mental health facility in December.
Selena Gomez just posted on Instagram for the first time since she reportedly checked into a mental health facility earlier this fall.She chose three separate black and white photos and wrote in the caption about the challenges she faced in 2018."
One woman gets real about how the mental health disorder benefits us all.
It's way past midnight and I'm not sleeping. You know the feeling: There's a tightness in my chest, a too-quick heartbeat, an internal voice with nothing nice to say. I can't stop thinking
She entered a facility in October following back-to-back hospitalizations.
After enduring an "emotional breakdown" in October 2018, Selena Gomez has left the mental health treatment center she entered and is currently enjoying a ski vacation with friends.Her friends Connar Franklin and Bailee Madison both posted pictures of her yesterday on
You're not alone.
Depression is a mental health issue that affects a lot of people-someone close to you might be experiencing it. Without understanding depression and, in some instances, the shame a person feels about being depressed, the experience can be confusing. Here are
She's reportedly taking it easy and focusing on her health.
After checking into a mental health facility in October following two hospitalizations and what TMZ called an "emotional breakdown," Selena Gomez is back at home and in good spirits. According to an E! source, the singer is now "out of her treatment
How many of these do you do daily?
How many times has someone asked you what you did last night and you've wanted to reply, "Instagram?"No matter how many studies we read about how comparing our lives to other peoples' can cause feelings of inadequacy-or
And it's actually kind of perfect.
Ariana Grande has been relatively quiet on social media following her split with Pete Davidson, but she recently posted a selfie to Instagram Stories for the first time since the news broke.She posted this picture with the (very small) caption, "Can&#
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