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Turns out, becoming 'That Girl' can be really bad for your health.
I pore through a selection of selfies on my battered iPhone 8; a vignette of nights out whirls past me. Snapshots of last summer and pouty pictures at parties stare back at me, my forehead lines as I debate which photos to
'I am happier.'
Selena Gomez is celebrating the launch of her mental health platform Wondermind today- and the star is getting real about her own journey understanding her mental health struggles and getting to a better place. The singer was joined by Wondermind co-founders
Nadine talks about her mental health struggles and falling in love with Siargao.
Nadine Lustre is Liza Soberano's next guest on her podcast about mental health, An Open Mind With Liza Soberano.Podcast Network Asia made the announcement on Friday on Instagram, featuring a photo of the two celebs together.The company also
Like most girls her age, Claui wasn't confident enough about her skills at some point.
You'd be forgiven to think that Claudia Barretto is close to perfection. Thanks to her academic achievements, jaw-dropping beauty, and incredible singing talent-it looks like she always has her life together.But what folks don't know about the
'I knew this trip was just what my soul needed.'
Maxene Magalona recently went on another solo, ~soul-searching~ trip. While meditating, the actress said that she suddenly felt the urge to "take a road trip" so she traveled all the way to Baguio on her own. "Be fearless in the pursuit
Liza just launched her podcast about mental health awareness.
Trigger warning: Discussion of panic attacks.Liza Soberano has always been outspoken about mental health, so we're excited that she finally launched a podcast about it! An Open Mind With Liza Soberano aims to discuss the most common issues we
Maxene also praised the other self-healers out there.
Maxene Magalona opened up in an Instagram post on how she uses "self-healing" to deal with her mental health condition.Posted on January 14, the actress began her lengthy post by praising "the strong and brave souls who continue to get
'Hindi natin alam kung gaano na tayo naaapektuhan ng social media ngayon, eh.'
Having grown up with social media, it's not uncommon for Gen Z to feel burnt out or "tired" of scrolling through social networking apps. This is why it's important to do a social media ~detox~ every once in
Give your doggo some love!
Leave it to man's best friend to get us through a global pandemic. Pets have always been the companions that get us through the toughest moments, and it looks like they helped us the most during the pandemic. According to
Yes to accessible and cheaper mental health services in the Philippines!
ICYDK, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, and Yassi Pressman have invested in a company that aims to promote mental health awareness in the country.The three stars' endeavor is called Mind You and it provides Filipinos easier and affordable access to mental
'My most rock bottom was when I was starting to punch walls and kick doors.'
Maxene Magalona recently opened up about her struggles with a mental health condition.In an interview with Toni Gonzaga, the actress talked about a toxic time in her life following the death of her father, rapper Francis Magalona, in 2009. Francis was
As much as her family didn't have any shortcomings at the time, the pain was still apparent.
She likens it to learning how to surf in Siargao.
October 10 is known as World Mental Health Day, and Yassi Pressman recently took to Instagram to share a post about taking care of her mental health-likening it to getting past her struggles during her first surfing lessons in Siargao.She
'It was over a two-year period.'
If you've been on social media at all in the last few days, you'll know that the world is collectively losing their minds over the return of Adele. Not only has the Grammy Award winner been teasing fans
'I'm taking it one step at a time.'
Olivia Rodrigo has literally catapulted to fame thanks to the enormous success of "Drivers License" and her debut album Sour, and she opened up to Vogue Singapore about how the increased spotlight has impacted her mental health."I'm taking it
'Para san pa ba ako gumigising every morning?'
The pressure of always needing to be online, accessible, and productive has never been more apparent than amid this pandemic. And we all know how much it can affect a person's mental health-no matter how passionate you are about
'The island gives you peace enough to bring out the best in you.'
It's difficult to chill and ~find peace~ these days, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Plus, given all the news we see on social media, "to relax" is easier said than done. For Dr. TJ Manalang, a municipal health officer in
Don't feel guilty for needing time off.
If you've been feeling off lately and you don't know why, there's a good chance you haven't gotten much quality rest. Like, I accidentally got 11 hours of sleep last night and already I
'You only see what I post on social media but what I don't show are the challenges I go through every day.'
Miss Universe Philippines contestant Maureen Wroblewitz penned a lengthy Instagram post where she detailed why she needed to take a break for her mental health.Fresh from her trip to Pangasinan, Maureen began her post by writing, "I needed to take this