Insert 'em in your calendar, CGs.
Yeah, so, 2020 will def interesting year! We have six eclipses, three Mercury Retrogrades, and Venus and Mars Retrogrades. Sounds fun, right?! Welp, between all that flashy astro dramz, there are actually several more dates that will serve us all
Meet the most sinister transit of the Mercurial backspin. Fun!
Finally: Mercury turns direct on November 20! *pause for party sounds of airhorns, fireworks, people crying tears of joy* Reality check: we are still experiencing the funkiest time of retrograde. That's right, people! The insanity are still in play during an
You’ve been warned: Step. Away. From. The. DMs.
Horoscope update: We usually try to avoid our exes at all costs, but every now and then, the planets go a bit haywire, causing us to second-guess our own realities. On July 7, Mercury, planet of communication, began its exhausting retrograde
They're worse than Mercury retrograde.
Everyone knows that Mercury retrograde is a garbage period of time where you fight with your friends more, watch your plans get canceled repeatedly, and generally feel really out of it for no good reason. But it's not the only
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