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I mean, he makes a point.
Netflix just shared the trailer for its new Britney Spears documentary, Britney vs Spears, which drops September 28 and takes a look at the pop icon's oppressive conservatorship. The documentary was reportedly made without Britney's authorization, and while
Lee Yoo Mi's IG following has massively ~blown up~ in just a few days.The South Korean actress, who is part of the Netflix original series Squid Game, only had 40,000 followers on September 18. As of this writing,
One of the films he directed is inspired by his aunt.
After watching the first two episodes of Squid Game, I already knew that I'll be including it in my list of best K-dramas of 2021. And that's coming from someone who prefers healing series. I watched the
She was the runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model 4!
Netflix released Korean survival drama Squid Game over the weekend, and we are officially *obsessed*! Aside from the thrilling plot and stunning cinematography, the show gave us all sorts of surprises from Gong Yoo's unforgettable cameo to Park Hae Soo's
Like in the series, its eyes also flash red light!
Annabelle who? We have a new doll that's giving us the creeps and it's from Netflix's Squid Game! If it made you squirm after watching the drama, prepare to be *shookt* once you pass by Ortigas-
The candy-colored staircase is so IG-worthy!
Korean series Squid Game just dropped on September 17 and it's on Netflix's Top 10 list in the Philippines since its release. It's easy to get hooked to the premise of the show: hundreds of cash-
Netizens of the K-drama world can't stop talking about ~that~ scene.
Is it just us, or did everyone binge-watch Squid Game over the weekend?! The Netflix Original was officially released on the streaming platform last Friday, September 17, and it was the perfect show to watch in one sitting because all nine
The director behind it is known for his socially conscious works
And just like that, Squid Game is now the number one show on Netflix Philippines' Top 10! The psychological thriller had everyone gasping over the weekend with its horrifying plot and we're definitely adding it to our list of
'I can't be 17 my whole life.'
Sex Education star Emma Mackey has suggested she won't be staring in the hit Netflix show for much longer. In a recent interview, the 25-year-old spoke about the "bittersweet nature" of moving on from the show, in which
Make the most of this nostalgic feel-good series!
In case you missed it, the Reply series exits Netflix Philippines on September 30. We know, we know, we're going to miss the ultimate comfort series too! This is one of the most nostalgic K-dramas out there so if
Hugs, Moraeals!
As much as we want Hospital Playlist to last *forever,* some things really have to end. NGL, it's the best medical drama we've seen so far and it's not just because of the cast and emotions
Take a break with these heartwarming series!
Growing up in the province, I used to dream about living in the city and looking at the Manila skyline from my room. Now that I'm in the city, I often think about the unhurried life in the province, LOL.
The dark and intense K-drama sparked discussion in SoKor.
One of the most intense and disturbing K-dramas we've ever seen is the Netflix original series D.P., which is about South Korean soldiers who escaped the military. This show had us on the edge of our seats with
From good boy to best boy, am I right?
Because we all love Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong in Start-Up, we can't help but see ~fragments~ of that series in his latest project, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Maybe it's just us or...maybe the
They're so much more than just a band!
During a time when second-generation K-pop groups were all about singing and dancing, CNBLUE armed themselves with musical instruments. Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin have been churning out hits since their Korean debut in 2010
You're not alone—we're obsessed with true crime, too.
I don't want to delve into why I'm so ~*drawn*~ to true crime stories. Seriously, let's not even go there. But I did want to know if other people love to watch unsettling documentaries as much
She definitely splurged on a lot of designer items!
Yup, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is officially one of our current fave K-dramas so far.. Episode three in particular tapped our fashion-loving veins and anyone who's updated on the show should know exactly why!The third episode kicks
One of them was a villain in 'Vincenzo!'
You guys, we found our ~latest~ source of healing! Netflix's Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is the feel-good K-drama we all need right now and we love every bit of it-the cinematography, undeniable kilig, and of course, the
Say goodbye to Na Bi and hello to Ji Woo!
Fresh from her stint in the ~steamy~ K-drama Nevertheless, Han So Hee is back with another project! This time, she's not your girl-next-door-the 26-year-old actress will be transforming into an undercover agent in her
I'm adding a new ~healing~ drama to my list.
As someone who has a short attention span, the first 30 minutes of a K-drama is *very* important to me. If it's too complicated (or I have already yawned twice), I would go back to YouTube and watch my