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Only the best and most flattering. ;)
A one-piece swimsuit is flattering on every body type. It enhances your curves, and if we're being totally honest here, wearing it doesn't make you conscious of your food baby! You'll never have to worry
It's time to show some love to your lady curves! <3
We love the comfort of wearing a one-piece swimsuit: It's carefree, chic, and flatters all body types. But sometimes, it falls short of highlighting our curves. So if you're a girl who wants to emphasize your hips
Just the right amount of hubadera.
With summer on its way out, you're better off buying swimsuits you can wear in a non-beach setting. And while bikini tops take a lot of guts to pull off away from the sand and surf, maillots can double up
No 'dyahe' moments at the beach!
Abs that could rival a Victoria's Secret model are well and good, but let's face it: They're not always a reality for the regular gal. Thankfully, swimsuits that conceal your tummy actually exist-perfect if you're feeling extra
Swap your favorite bikini for this ultra-sexy alternative!
If Instagram is any indication, these days, it's all about the maillot! From Sarah Lahbati to Kylie Jenner, more and more women are favoring swimsuits that are just a bit covered up-we say "a bit" because these one-piece styles
And we mean NEED.
Instagram/kyliejennerYou probably saw our recent round-up featuring the swimsuit style that could very well overthrow the bikini. We're talking about the maillot, of course-that '90s throwback which, like most looks from that decade, is seeing a super stylish
You don't always have to wear a bikini!
Fact: One-piece swimsuits are giving bikinis a run for their money when it comes to sexy swimwear. With cuts and silhouettes that show off a perky butt and accentuate the shape of your body, these maillots are nothing like the ones
Worried about your tummy bulging in a bikini? Get away with sexy swimwear by pulling on a maillot or a piece that accentuates your other assets.