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She details why these scents hold a special place in her heart.
Another day, another look into a celebrity's perfume collection-and we're NOT complaining! Just like Bea Alonzo and KC Concepcion, Jessy Mendiola talks about her favorite scents in a video featuring her collection. In general, she leans towards
'Perfume is not just an accessory. Perfume is a personal companion.'
KC Concepcion has been giving us *so* much content lately and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. In fact, her "What's in my car?" video was such a hit, that a subscriber even bought the home fragrance
'I wear perfume not for other people but for myself.'
Though she's had her own YouTube channel for more than two years now, Bea Alonzo started regularly uploading vlogs during quarantine. She's invited us into her home through a two-part tour (and we found out she has