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These are *easy* enough to recreate!
Posing on Instagram can be hard, especially if you're a ~shy girl~. We're here to tell you that it's not impossible, though. Playing with angles and different elements can still give you a double tap-worthy
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We're pretty impressed with how Sarah Lahbati has been updating her content on Instagram. Her grid is the best inspo to get home photo shoot ideas from! Even before the quarantine began, she's been serving us cool pics
Copying these, stat!
Hello there! Meet Pamela Andres, your next IG inspo. Aside from being a source of cute outfit ideas, her grid can be your ~*guide*~ to posing like an influencer. She knows how to work her best angles: She's mastered the
Important lessons!
We've discussed posing ideas multiple times here on, so we decided it's time to ~*pivot*~ to another essential element when posting pretty photos. We're talking about the Instagram boyfriends and BFFs, the unsung heroes
Thirst trap but make it art.
We keep on sharing pegs of low-key sexy poses, but we haven't really discussed the basics and ~technicalities~ of taking a good thirst trap photo. Unlike regular selfies and OOTDs, it calls for superb art direction and props.Curious
I'm not lying when I say that Lovi Poe should be on your IG follow list. I always check her witty and punny captions-girl, I'm telling you, Lovi has a great sense of humor. Plus, it'
BRB, taking notes!
ICYMI, "Drivers License" by Fil-Am singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo is one of the top songs on Spotify rn. A quick look at her Instagram feed will tell you that she's a certified ~cool girl~ and that she's
She really knows the art of posing.
There are times when we're feeling sexy but we're too shy to post our pics on Insta. We sometimes get diyahe that our photos would look *too much*. Well, we found the perfect inspo because this girl knows
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KC del Rosario is the daughter of Brunei's Prince Jefri Bolkiah and Filipino wife Evangeline del Rosario. Aside from posting her ~*extra*~ lifestyle (she is royal, after all), her Instagram grid is the perfect resource for posing ideas. Your girl
Just keeping it low-key.
If you scroll through content creator Rhea Bue's Instagram grid, you'll notice that aside from her cool OOTDs, she's also a *master* at posing. Whether she's dressed up in comfy streetwear outfits or just
Look cute in seconds!
On days that "wala ka nang baon na poses," there's a particular pose you can always turn to. Although celebs love it so much, you don't need to be a pro to master it. Plus, I'm
Werk it, girl!
With her impressive height and visuals, it wouldn't come as a surprise that Stephanie Lee, who plays the role of Jung Sa Ha in the Netflix drama Start-Up, is actually a model! The 5'8 ft. stunner made
When subtlety is the name of the game.
Are you familiar with the middle-ground feeling when you want to post thirst trap pics but you're kinda shy to do so? Well, Chie Filomeno is here to help you out. If you take a quick glance at her
Helpful tip: Good lighting is optional when you have an ass that shines.
Not all selfies are created equal. There's the selfie selfie, the mirror selfie, the sexy selfie, and, my personal fave, the belfie (aka the butt selfie). The booty selfie is pretty unique in that it's not as easily achievable as,
It's the fun new pose that's perfect for petite girls!
Move over "Barbie Feet" and "The Flamingo", there's a new Instagram pose that all the cool girls are obsessed with. If you've seen The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) had this weird concept that her foot would "
Double taps guaranteed.
If you're looking to level up your Instagram game, we recommend taking a peek at Pamela Swing's profile. You'll notice that she loves using the ~vintage~ film camera effect, playing around with photo orientation, and trying
Straight from the grid of the ~kween~ of aesthetic.
We've already established that Ashley Garcia nails everything in the ~aesthetic~ department, from her fashion sense, IG grid, to even the way she edits her YouTube videos! Another thing we noticed is that aside from her making her feed look
Real Insta influencers weigh-in.
Okay, let's get real: Thirst traps are the gifts that just keep on giving. Whether your intent behind taking the thirst trap is because you want to post it on the 'gram, send to your S.O., or just keep it
She really knows how to ~work~ it!
If you scroll through Patrice Averilla's (@avelovin) Instagram profile, you'll notice that she is a total ~*beach babe*~! Her grid is littered with photos of picturesque destinations that rack up thousands of likes per post. All of them