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Keeping it cool and low-key.
If you're a shy girl, you might find it a bit difficult to pose on Instagram. (Check out our list of foolproof poses you *can* try!) Don't worry, you don't need to stick with the usual "
Her poses are super easy to copy!
For some, it's sooo easy to pose for Insta. But for most of us, we need extra help in the confidence and creativity department. Sometimes, we just forget "our baon poses" once the camera is ready to shoot. Thankfully, Devon
The basics of looking good in photos, right this way.
Posing for the camera can be hard work, especially when you're not used to doing it every day. You may feel self-conscious and sometimes clueless about what pose you should do. To make things easier, we created a simple
From makeup tips to the most photogenic poses!
I confess: I like posting cute pics of myself on Instagram because I want to. As a good friend from the BCU from Clubhouse would say "nagmamaganda." I mean, there is really nothing wrong with feeling yourself on Insta-it's
Especially when they're almost never worn anymore.
If you bought pretty shoes pre-pandemic and you think they didn't get the "airtime" and cost-per-wear they deserved, here's an easy solution: Post shoefies! Cute pics of your sneakers, heels, sandals, and flats are good
Timing is everything.
If you haven't been taking your pics during golden hour, you're missing out on a lot! "Golden hour" happens between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., before sunset. (If you want to be more accurate, you can
Make your IG extra spicy.
Taking thirst trap pics is an art. It's like staging a photo shoot at home-and you're the model, photographer, and creative director. I've worked in photoshoots for most of my career but snapping that "perfect*
Level up your IG game.
After staying in for so long, people have come up with many ways to make their IG posts more interesting. At-home OOTD pics called for dried flowers, mood lighting, and mirrors. Speaking of mirrors, if you're planning to invest
She's truly a pro!
Posting *tasteful* thirst traps on the 'gram can be a struggle for a lot of people, but there are some who have mastered this art form. Need proof? Just check out Christine Samson's Instagram pics! The model, host, and
NGL, I've been thinking about how to post my daily outfit pics. Although I work from home, I make it a point to dress up in clothes I would usually wear in the office. When I put on cute clothes,
Zoom it in!
I have a confession: One outlet I've gotten into during quarantine is to think of cool ways to update my Instagram. It may sound shallow for some, but I find taking photos of anything (and my face, LOL) as a
BRB, copying all of these!
Posing for Instagram if you're a shy girl is difficult, but you can always count on different angles and elements to give you a double tap-worthy photo! If you need some inspo, head on over to Juliana Gomez'
Super easy!
I don't know about you, but the only thing I'm relying on cute selfies is a good mirror. While some are lucky enough to own a full-length mirror, I live in a tiny space that can only
Make the most out of what you have.
Welcome to quarantine season 2! We're all still staying at home to stay safe, instead of hopping to different spots in the city to take your OOTD pics for Instagram. Your house is now your mini-studio, so you have
It's getting hot in here.
Let's reminisce the days when it was easy and expected for us to go to the beach during summer. We flood the barkada group chat to plan the trip and look for the most affordable (or Instagrammable) accommodations. We also
We're *obsessed* with her well-curated grid!
Here at, we have a ~series~ where we try to decode the aesthetic Instagram feeds of celebs and influencers. Previously, we've written about the profiles of Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, and Elisse Joson. For today, we'll
These are all double tap-worthy!
Thirst traps can be kinda hard to post on Insta, especially if you're shy. You don't want to show ~everything~ off, but you also want everyone to see just how cute you look. It's a legit
These are *easy* enough to recreate!
Posing on Instagram can be hard, especially if you're a ~shy girl~. We're here to tell you that it's not impossible, though. Playing with angles and different elements can still give you a double tap-worthy
Get inspo here!
We're pretty impressed with how Sarah Lahbati has been updating her content on Instagram. Her grid is the best inspo to get home photo shoot ideas from! Even before the quarantine began, she's been serving us cool pics
Copying these, stat!
Hello there! Meet Pamela Andres, your next IG inspo. Aside from being a source of cute outfit ideas, her grid can be your ~*guide*~ to posing like an influencer. She knows how to work her best angles: She's mastered the