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Wave goodbye to 'Barbie feet.'
Instagram is great for when it comes to spotting a trend. And now? It's a specific pose that seems to be spreading everywhere.[survey:521]So wave goodbye to "Barbie feet" and say hello to the "baby giraffe pose"-which
It's all about working your angle.
Stairs are one of the prettiest places to have an Instagram photo taken. And if anyone knows a thing or two about working her angles while sitting or standing on a few steps, it's Rhian Ramos. Keep scrolling to learn
Only the best for the birthday babe!
It's your special day, so we're pretty sure your friends will allow you to their dominate feed. Make it fun for everyone, including yourself, by documenting your special day with nothing but double-tap worthy poses. Take cues
Know exactly where to put your hands!
Don't let your hands look lost and awkward in your selfies by keeping them busy. How? Use them to pose with your hair! For celeb-approved tips and inspo, keep scrolling!Take cues from shampoo commercials and push your locks
Too shy to go all out? You can still get that perfect photo!
It's easy to get dyahe  when you're posing in public places. People will stare, so you'll become conscious to ~work~ it. But if the BG is just too cool not to 'gram, take notes from
You gotta milk that vacation content somehow.
It's 2018, and if you're actively dating, all your followers know about it. Every couple is guilty of sharing these pictures at some point in their relationship. It's not that there's anything wrong with showing off a