A new study suggests salt has long been misunderstood.
You know you're not supposed to overdo it on table salt, salty chips and fries, and processed foods because consuming too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of suffering from heart disease or a stroke. While
There are many equally yummy alternatives!
Many of us exceed the daily recommendation for sodium without even realizing it, which could lead to hypertension, raising the risk of strokes, kidney failure, and cardiovascular disease.Various studies have found links between high sodium intake and obesity in kids, while
There's a lot of action in the cinemas this month! Bring your boyfriend to see these fast-paced films. It's a dare.
If you've already seen Eclipse and you're raring to catch another movie, July's got some solid selections for you. Sure, there might not be as many new releases this month, but they make up for the lack of quantity
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