And find out how to make it stop!
Dandruff can occur anytime in anyone, so it's usually NBD. But if you're tired of always having to shoo away the flakes off your shoulders, read up on their seven surprising causes and the solutions to each one: 
Surprise, surprise, you’re not taking care of it enough.
Who here loves pampering her skin? Costly facials, nightly sheet masks, multiple products to hydrate, illuminate, and treat-a lot of us don't just stop at washing our faces. We've perfected multi-step routines just to have clear, glowing complexions
It happens.
You're a certified Cosmo girl, so by now, we know you're religiously applying your SPF-especially when you hit the beach. But guess what? There might be one spot you're forgetting: your scalp! This sensitive spot is the first
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