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Been stumped for rainy day footwear choices lately? We got you!
We usually have rainy days figured out: movies and series to watch, pajamas to wear, and snacks to gorge on. You know it-the ultimate self-care starter pack. But if you can't help but go outdoors when it'
Let IG's best dressed teach you a thing or two!
Mention the platform heel and there are two things that likely come to mind: a) the glam swinging '70s and their disco-dancin', floor-sweepin' bell bottom pants; or b) that awkward bracket sandwiching the late 2000s, not quite
Time to put those white sneakers to rest!
Your white sneakers are without a doubt the most reliable pair in your shoe closet. They go with everything, and by everything-from cool girl outfits, LBDs, and even loooong flowy dresses. But quite frankly, the trend is getting pretty repetitive and
Answer: krung-krung!
Sandara Park's supremely unique krungy style is only one of the many reasons we love her. On stage, on set, and especially off-duty, the way Dara puts together the best of the fashion world's street style finds is truly
She can't even walk yet.
If you need another reason to submit your "please adopt me" form to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians, look no further than Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi Webster's shoe collection.She genuinely owns more shoes than we have
Step up your game.
Heart Evangelista remains on top of our list of style idols for many reasons. Tbh, this woman can do no wrong in fashion.  There are many things we've learned (and are learning) from Ms. Love Marie, and one of them is