From OG fans to newbie stans!
I must confess: I was one of those people who thought K-pop was uncool, weird, and totally manufactured. For me, K-pop wasn't ~real music~.I know. I KNOWWWW.But before you exit this article and send me hate
Great news for Girls' Generation (SNSD) fans! Tiffany Young is coming to Manila in January 2020. CDM Entertainment made the announcement on Facebook yesterday, November 29.Tiffany is holding her first-ever solo show, Tiffany Young 'Open Hearts Eve' Part Two
We expected nothing less from the SNSD star!
It's been a pretty good few months for SNSD (or Girls' Generation) fans to say the least. They're back with a new sub-unit called Oh!GG, and one of their members, Yuri, released her first debut
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