Well, that's one way to dump someone.
Remember when Taylor Swift eviscerated Joe Jonas for breaking up with her in a 25-second phone call when they were, like, 18? Well, if this new report is to be believed, the way Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth might
Meet Amsterdam-based influencer Rianne Meijer!
Every wondered where all the hours in the day have gone and then checked your screen time? Yeah...well, you wouldn't be the only one. We get it, social media is an inescapable force and it's easy to
Maymay posted a fierce runway walk to thank her followers!
Maymay Entrata's popularity is skyrocketing as evident in the number of social media followers that the actress has gained over the years.Maymay took to Instagram to thank her four million followers as she wrote, "Happy 4M Insta family! Glory to
'Parang dun naman sila maligaya, 'di ba?'
It looks like Carlo Aquino still can't break free of the negativity that he gets from bashers on social media.Ever since Carlo's photos with a girl he's rumored to be dating surfaced online, plus things
Social media apps don't just poorly impact your mental health, they can negatively affect you in other ways, too.
How much time do you spend on social media every day? An hour? Two hours? Or are you one of the virtuous types who spends no more than 30 minutes scrolling through your Insta, FB, and Twitter feeds?Social media has become
Facebook is to blame, ugh.
If you're anything like us, the two most used apps on your phone are WhatsApp and Instagram, which is why news that they're both soon to have their names changed may come as a shock.Yep, both apps
One is a comment warning, and the other is called, 'Restrict.'
In 2010, your favorite social media app, Instagram, was born. Nine years ago, the community was still so small that its founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, could still manually delete mean and abusive comments. Over the years, there's no
Unsurprisingly, the couple are under fire from followers.
Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt of Instagram account @Another_beautiful_day_official are receiving criticism from followers after asking for donations towards their next holiday.The traveler influencers set up a GoFundMe page to help finance their trip, which they hope will involve doing a
Thank goodness for Twitter!
On April 14, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suddenly went dark for some users around the world. Naturally, the world freaked out-but just for a couple of hours.According to a report, the outages started at 6:30 p.m. (Philippine Time).
We dare you to do it with your crew this weekend.
If there are makeup vids, dance dares, and funny online challenges, then this one deserves just as much airtime on our feeds and stories. The #trashtag challenge is a social challenge that is trending globally and for good measure. It encourages people
This queen reigns supreme.
Anne Curtis has once again reinforced her queendom over Philippine social media by having the most followers on Instagram among local celebrities.Anne took to Instagram to make the announcement and thank her fans and followers. She made the announcement just before
Go Marie Kondo on your friends list.
How many "friends" do you have on Facebook? How about followers in your private Instagram account reserved for people that are close to you? If you're averaging four figures for accounts you initially identified as filtered, then consider them cluttered.
She was reportedly released from a mental health facility in December.
Selena Gomez just posted on Instagram for the first time since she reportedly checked into a mental health facility earlier this fall.She chose three separate black and white photos and wrote in the caption about the challenges she faced in 2018."
You can send it to one person or in a group message.
Not sure this is something I wanted or needed from Instagram-at least not as badly as I want chronological posting back-but the social media platform announced on December 11 that you can now send voice recordings via Direct Messaging. If
Everyone does it...right?
Sometimes, usually when I'm bored, I find myself thinking about the men from my friends' pasts. These dudes will just randomly pop into my mind, prompting me to give their Instagrams a quick scroll so I can seethe with
Jack Dorsey mentioned that he is 'not a fan of the heart-shaped button.'
If this headline made you stop mid-scroll, we're right there with you. Twitter's "like" button has been around for centuries (ok, no), so when we heard it might be gone soon, we had to find out why.
How many of these do you do daily?
How many times has someone asked you what you did last night and you've wanted to reply, "Instagram?"No matter how many studies we read about how comparing our lives to other peoples' can cause feelings of inadequacy-or
'It's not just something that I could just brag about.'
With 2.6 million followers, Gabbi Garcia is now the most followed actress on Instagram under GMA Artist Center, the talent management arm of the Kapuso network.In an interview with PEP.ph, the 19-year-old GMA-7 star admits to
How to make sure you're definitely not ignored.
If you say you don't look at who's watched your Instagram Story, you're lying. There's nothing quite like having a night out debrief with a full fry up, scrolling through your "watched list" and
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