Take a peek inside Solenn's home!
On March 22, Alex Gonzaga published her latest vlog as she raided Solenn Heussaff's home.The multi-storey home was previously described by Solenn as "homey, jungley, havana, Moroccan chic." Solenn toured Alex around the common areas of the house including
Pets are love!
We always love it when actress Solenn Heussaff and husband Nico Bolzico post about their pets. We see a side of them that's real and raw, a little bit vulnerable, and super loving.Solenn once again gave us another peek into
This time, it’s leche flan!
In January, Erwan Heussaff and Solenn Heussaff challenged themselves to a cookie bake-off with Solenn winning the challenge. This time around, the Heussaff siblings did another bake-off featuring the timeless Filipino classic dessert, leche flan.The siblings added their own
'Baka nakakalimutan nila na they're getting married because of themselves and not for any other reasons.'
Jason Magbanua has witnessed and captured more than enough weddings in his work as a wedding videographer.The go-to celebrity wedding video producer has seen how these occasions have turned to social media-curated events that require fashion editorial type of
'It is not about doing one sweet thing, but a continuity of sweet actions, exactly how a relationship should be.'
Celebrity couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, who recently released a webnovel of their love story called Forever Makes Sense, just joined Maja Salvador's #OhNaNaNaDanceChallenge! In an Instagram post today, Nico tells us why he participated and why he did
THIS is how you shut down bashers on social media!
Female celebrities get targeted with hate messages and comments every single day. Just because they're in the limelight, some people (their "fans" included) feel like they have a say when it comes to their actions, clothes, and even their bodies.
You have to watch their sexy, dorky dance-off!
At Casa #SosBolz, mini dance parties are a constant. This time, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico bless us with their take on Maja Salvador's #OhNaNaNaDanceChallenge.Maja was super kilig that her "girl crush" took on her fun challenge.While Solenn calls
Their grouchy cat El Gato is our fave.
Nico Bolzico is on #WifeLessDay3, since his wife Solenn Heussaff is in El Nido shooting for an endorsement. Aside from keeping the #HouseofBolz in tiptop order, Nico is also on solo pet-parent duty until the wifey comes back home.The couple
It's a healthy mix of workouts, dieting, and cheat days!
Anne Curtis is slowly but surely achieving her fitness goals.The 34-year-old Kapamilya actress-host flaunted the hard-earned results of her regular workouts and healthy diet on January 31 on Instagram.In the caption, Anne revealed she weighed around
They're ready to have kids!
Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico have released the seventh and last chapter of their web series, Forever Makes Sense. They talk about why forever won't actually make sense all the time, but loving someone means working on the relationship and choosing
This secret stash of pics of the SosBolz love story is absolutely golden!
A few days ago, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico launched their web series on Webnovel entitled, Forever Makes Sense: The SosBolz Love Story. It's a comical non-fiction read that tells the story of how they met, the funny anecdotes
'That simple power move was my ticket to a happy married life.'
In two new chapters of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's web series, Forever Makes Sense, the couple recalls how it all started-with Nico's abs! They were at a club when a common friend introduced them and put Solenn's
Everyone's so cheesy and we are loving it!
Our favorite celebs sure know how to celebrate Valentine's Day! February 14 was filled with so much love, adorable photos, and *cheesy* messages, we couldn't click "like" fast enough!Here are some of the sweetest V-Day posts
Find out more about SosBolz in 'Forever Makes Sense!'
For Valentine's Day, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico give the internet the gift of their love story in a new WebNovel series called Forever Makes Sense. The first of seven chapters is all about how they met and "what he doesn'
Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff (aka SosBloz) have always been one of our ulitmate celebrity couple goals, and not just because 1. They play hilarious pranks on each other; 2. They're totally okay with a long-distance relationship and they
Her friends and family dig up the craziest photos for her 33rd birthday!
Celebrating her 33rd birthday yesterday, Georgina Wilson woke up to "the sweetest surprise" from her husband, Arthur Burnand, and son, Archie. "My boys filled the house with balloons and flowers for my birthday," she said.On her special day, it rained throwback
'205 hours. I want to cry LOL.'
Solenn Heussaff can finally breathe a sigh of relief after finishing her latest artwork, which took her a whopping 205 hours to make. On her IG account, she shares how she started working on the painting as early as December 2018. "205
Watch her dance like nobody’s watching at the gym!
Solenn Heussaff is really feeling Ylona Garcia's new bop, "No Turning Back," as you can see in this music video-like private show at her gym. Watch her climb all over punching bags, do a bit of "walling," and just dance
'It's worth it.'
Nico Bolzico talked about his ~passion~ for pranks with his "victims" usally being his own wife Solenn Heussaff and his brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff.But Nico made it clear he would not do anything extreme to anyone."The whole prank thing,
You HAVE to see Nico's reaction!
Guys, we have a Bullied Husbands Club update: Erwan Heussaff just pranked co-founder and brother-in-law Nico Bolzico BIG TIME. Through Instagram Stories last night, Erwan showed us a video of Nico ~happily~ eating from a jar of peanut butter.
Alex says, 'Nico, 'wag ako. Wala akong sinasanto. Pa-translate mo pa sa asawa mo!'
Nico Bolzico has just discovered Alex Gonzaga's viral "Chambe" Dance Challenge, which has racked up a whopping 15 million hits since the song's music video premiere in November. "It is pretty catchy!" Nico concurred, admitting that his dancing skills
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