Cutting out sugar can lead to some big improvements.
Sugar will give you soaring highs, but it'll make you pay with crashing lows afterwards. And we've never been more aware of how much sugar our diets contain as we are now, with the government having recently introduced
I bid adieu to rice, pancakes, baked macaroni, and soft batch cookies.
I grew up in a home where freshly baked cakes and cookies were a regular Sunday thing. I connected all my happy memories with carbs and sweets. But this ~delish~ life came with a price: I was sluggish, had brain fog, and
But the chocolate will still taste sweet—without sugar substitutes.
Last month, chocolate had a lot of major moments: Scientists found a way to make milk chocolate just as healthy as dark chocolate; Toblerone decided to change its iconic shape; somebody created a chocolate bar specifically designed to relieve period pain; and
Yes, there's such a thing as too much fruit.
We can't count how many times we've been told to eat a piece of fruit whenever we're dying to snack on something or craving something sweet. Yeah, 'cause fruit is as satisfying as chocolate (it's not). There's
Couldn't sleep? It was probably your dessert.
We all know that sugar is bad for our waistlines, and that the more we eat and drink it, the more pounds we'll pile on. Research from Queen Mary University in London recently pointed out that cutting the sugar content in
Maybe that caffeine buzz is actually just a sugar high.
Your Starbucks white chocolate mocha with whipped cream could have as much as 18 teaspoons of sugar, according to a new report from the British campaign group Action on Sugar. That's nearly twice as much sugar as a can of Coke.
This study shows that cutting fat is enough, so YAY!
Carbs have been blamed for weight gain and health risks like obesity since the '90s. The best thing to do when it came to healthy eating then seemed to be cutting the carbs entirely and having a high-protein diet like Paleo,
It's not good AT ALL.
Added sugars are the sugars to watch out for, according to Aaron E. Carroll, a professor of pediatrics and who's penned a piece on sugar vs. artificial sweetener for The New York Times. They're the cause of type 2 diabetes,
You won't have so much of a sweet tooth after this.
We all know-or rather, have an idea-that soda is really bad for us because of all the sugar it contains. A can of Coke, for instance, has 10 teaspoons of sugar, and that's more than our recommended daily sugar
Is brown sugar really better than white?
How do you like your coffee, CGs? With one teaspoon of sugar or two? Do you prefer brown sugar instead of white? What's the difference between brown and white sugar, anyway? Allow us to break down the different kinds of sugars
Pass the Splenda.
We've all debated whether to buy a normal Coke or a Coke Zero before and questioned our artificial sweetener consumption. Will it eventually make our brains explode along with everything else we do? As it turns out, it won't.According
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