These days, we know Nico Bolzico as the co-founding member of the Bullied Husbands Club who plays pranks on his "wifezilla" Solenn Heussaff, and who regularly recruits new "members" to the fold. Solenn, on the other hand, is currently working on
We can't wait for 'Playing Long After Us'!
Shaira Luna, a self-taught artist and photographer, is known in the fashion and showbiz industry because of her dreamy, nostalgic style. She was previously known as one of the "gifted children" featured in a TV commercial for a powdered milk drink
'Ano ba talagang meron sa akin? Ano ba ang ginagawa ko?'
To be honest, I sometimes think about leaving the industry soon. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm very blessed to be here and a lot of people would do everything just to be where I am now,
You have to innovate, think out of the box, and be prepared to be called crazy.
Don't be afraid if people think your idea is crazy, because that is where good things come from. In fact, if most people think your idea is good, then that means there is nothing extraordinary with your idea. I'll give
Nadine Tengco spills her secrets on how she maintains her rockin' figure at 50.
If you've ever wondered how Jessy Mendiola and other celebrities stay fit even with their hectic schedules, the secret is in the guidance and fitness program of nutritionist Nadine Tengco. We're not gonna lie to you: it's no walk
Want to know exactly how soshal you are?
The social climber patronizes anything and everything that's original, genuine, and authentic... so of course, disqualified na ang sarili niya.A soshal climber, on the other hand, is as funny, practical, creative, and self-aware as she is baduy. She doesn'
'Girls, it is possible. Do not let anything or anyone persuade you that it can't be done.'
In Letters to My Children, writer Merlee Cruz-Jayme is one of the 35 parents who dedicated touching letters to their kids, telling them to fight for true love, foster creativity, and follow their dreams.Read what she wrote to her daughters:
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