Haaaalp, I can't pick my favorite.
Searching for tattoo inspo on Instagram is kinda a double-edged sword. Like, there are so many excellent ideas that it's almost impossible to narrow down your favorites-especially when you're weeding through the thousands of #WaveTattoos. Lucky
Sometimes, low-key is the way to go.
Tattoos aren't always welcome-especially in conservative cultures like that of South Korea and the Philippines. That doesn't stop people from using it as a form of creative expression, though. Life is full of meaning and, sometimes, we
They look ~legit~.
Tattoos are great and all, but let's be real, the process of getting them hurts like a b*tch. If you're not ready yet to grit your teeth and have needles sink into your skin, you can ease
Can't wait to get your own?
Getting inked sounds like a scary thing to do but it can also feel liberating as a form of self-expression. You just have to be really sure what kind of tattoo you want to have! It's going to stick
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Remember when Nadine Lustre got new tattoos in March 2020? She got a Japanese name inked on her arm and a vine tattoo on her right index finger. She finally revealed the story behind these tatts in an interview with Monster RX93.
There's zero chance you'll hate these.
Oh, Gemini: You, unfortunately, have kiiinda a bad rep. Not as bad as a Scorpio, but you're up there. People think you're two-faced (because you're ruled by the twins), immature, cold, erratic, moody, and gossipy.
If you love colorful, minimalist designs, K-style ink is for you.
If you've ever planned on getting a tattoo whether it's your first time or you're a ~seasoned~ pro, Instagram is the go-to place to gather inspiration. Scrolling through the #tattoo hashtag will show you millions
It'll be your little secret. ;)
When it comes to getting your first tattoo, choosing a small design makes the most sense. Other than being (hopefully) less painful, it can be easily hidden when the need arises. So that leaves us with the question: Which spots are the
Move forward and keep on going. ;)
During times like you feel your world crashing down, it can be difficult to pick yourself up. It takes everything for you to think about positive things. If you find it a daily battle to stay calm and optimistic about the future,
Hi, can people stop doing this, pls?
TBH, if you had asked me a month ago what I thought was the most ~unhinged~ quarantine beauty trend, I'd have gone with DIY bangs (chopping your hair with kitchen scissors?! The horror!). Flash forward to today, though, and botched
Get inspired by these delicate tatts!
If you're fresh out of tattoo ideas, you can never go wrong with going for a minimalist design. Not only is it easier to pull off, it's perfect for first-timers, too! Below, we rounded up some fail-
Not one of these is tacky—promise.
I know, I know-you can't sum up a Taurus in one or two sentences, but I'm going to try to anyways. You love the little things in life (think: candlelit dinners, silk sheets, and massages), you know
Perfect for those who are terrified of commitment!
Always wanted to get a tattoo but terrified of commitment, er, needles? We understand. The time, pain, and grit required of you isn't always worth it in the end-again, we mean needles. But don't worry, we found
The wrist is a classic!
When getting inked, the decision doesn't just stop at the design you're getting or which tattoo shop you're getting it done-you also have to consider the placement of your new tatt! Remember that whichever spot
He debuted it along with a brand new haircut.
I don't know if you noticed this quite yet, but like...face tattoos are officially in. So many celebs are getting them, and that isn't an exaggeration. Amanda Bynes has two heart tattoos on her face right now,
She now has a total of six!
We spotted Nadine Lustre getting a new tattoo. Multi-functional grooming and lifestyle lounge Brooklyn Social tagged her on their IG stories, and we just had to snoop on everything.Towards the end of the clip, you'll see that the
We can definitely relate, Ashley.
Anyone who doesn't know that Ashley Benson is having a major moment right now may as well be living under a rock.The actress has been making the rounds at fashion month, sitting on the most covetable front rows, from
Umm, is it overkill to get all of these?
I'm absolutely obsessed with tattoos-I have everything from a wrist tattoo to a rib tattoo, and I'm always looking at inspiration pics to plan what I'm going to get next. And you know the spot that's number
Nothing says love like some misspelled body art!
Getting a tattoo dedicated to your child is a really sweet and touching move-but Orlando Bloom has found out the hard way that it can lose some sentimental value when you spell their name wrong.Orlando was inked with a Morse
Get ~permanent~ mementos of your love for each other.
When getting tattooed, we're often advised not to get anything related to your partner in case you break up and you're left with a painful (and permanent) reminder of your relationship. If you and your boo, however, are
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