Nothing says love like some misspelled body art!
Getting a tattoo dedicated to your child is a really sweet and touching move-but Orlando Bloom has found out the hard way that it can lose some sentimental value when you spell their name wrong.Orlando was inked with a Morse
Get ~permanent~ mementos of your love for each other.
When getting tattooed, we're often advised not to get anything related to your partner in case you break up and you're left with a painful (and permanent) reminder of your relationship. If you and your boo, however, are
He pulled an Ariana Grande!
Ah, don't you just love it when celebrities get tattoos? You just never know what'll end up being your next tat inspo and what'll end up being a cautionary tale! Today's latest celeb to
Here's another way to get that attention you're seeking.
I have a special place in my heart for Aries. It's my rising sign, so, like, I get you guys. You're a little misunderstood-people think you're brash and obnoxious when you're really just
'It says 'misunderstood,' because that's how I felt my entire life.'
Update, 2/10/20: Presley heard everyone was talking sh*t about his tattoo and took to Instagram Live to school everyone in how misunderstood he is. He started off by saying, "If I thought this was going to ruin my face
Take a break from your romantic daydreams to scroll through these picks.
Ahh, Pisces, my ~favorite~ water sign. It's hard to describe you in just a few words, but I'm going to try: You're a dreamer, an artist, and an empathetic and sensitive soul who is often very misunderstood. But don'
Yup, that ink on his bicep has more intel than you think.
Tiny tattoos don't get the attention they deserve. They're shrugged off as just "whatever," when, in reality, they say just as much (if not more!!!!) about a person's personality than a really well-planned, meaningful tat.
It's also Angelika's first ink.
When Angelika Dela Cruz decided to get her first tattoo, she asked her sister Mika to accompany her, along with Orion Casareo (her husband) and Nash Aguas (her sister's boyfriend), who both got inked, too. Angelika documented everything in her
Applying petroleum jelly is actually a big no-no!
If you're reading this, you probably just got your first ink. Hurray, congratulations! Now comes the hard part-the aftercare. This step is important because it will determine whether or not your tattoo will heal properly and last for a
They're way cooler than that conspiracy theory you're currently obsessed with.
Hiii, Aquarius-thank you for taking a break from saving the world to click on this article. Obviously, if you're an Aquarius, you're very proud to be one. You're one of the most multi-dimensional signs-
It’s the start of something new, if you will.
Hello, hi, how goes it, side-boob tattoos are now a thing I'm seriously considering getting, thanks to Vanessa Hudgens. The actress recently hopped on Instagram to debut her new ~ink~, a dainty yellow flower right next to her breast. And
Get to know the talented local artists here!
A tattoo is only as good as the tattoo artist that made it, and lucky for us, there are countless talented tattoo artists in the Philippines. Tattoos are no longer a taboo in our society, or at least not as much as
See her new ink here!
Hello there, Selena Gomez just added to her growing collection of ~body ink~ by getting a casual neck tattoo that says "Rare." Sel debuted the tattoo on Instagram, and it's clearly a shoutout to her new album:Here's
Sibling ink never looked so chic.
Fresh off the success of her latest fashion campaign for Lowe, Kaia Gerber spent some quality time with brother Presley Gerber getting some new ink last night.Nothing bonds these celeb siblings quite like rocking up to a tattoo parlor together, because
They're 100 percent worth the pain, IMO.
Just as important as choosing the right tattoo design is finding the perfect placement for it. Ankle and wrist tattoos are always solid go-tos, but if you haven't totally committed to your next tattoo idea, may I make a
Think your favorite Disney character made it on the list?
Tattoo inspiration comes from all kinds of places, so it's not surprising that many look to their favourite Disney movies for ink-spo. What is surprising, however, is which Disney movies inspire the most tattoos.A new study has looked
Her tattoos always hold a lot of meaning.
Hello there and welcome back to another edition of Celebrity Tattoo Alert! I'm your host, and today we are analyzing another celebrity who has recently placed permanent ink somewhere on their body. Demi Lovato decided to get a fresh new tattoo
The polaroids and the memories!!!!!!!!!!
I believe it was William Shakespeare who once said, "There's a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants." And in the case of Selena Gomez, the heart wanted a sh*t ton
Yes, you are going to mess up sometimes.
Becoming a professional tattoo artist requires a lot more than a needle and some ink. We're talking years of hard work (some without pay) and absolute dedication to your craft. Mistakes are par for the course-and yep, they're
*tries not to read into things*
Happy day, everyone, Miley Cyrus has two new tattoos we need to discuss immediately. Over the weekend, the singer stopped by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone, who shared pics of his work on Instagram. Starting with this pretty innnnnnteresting
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