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They look ~legit~.
Tattoos are great and all, but let's be real, the process of getting them hurts like a b*tch. If you're not ready yet to grit your teeth and have needles sink into your skin, you can ease
Perfect for those who are terrified of commitment!
Always wanted to get a tattoo but terrified of commitment, er, needles? We understand. The time, pain, and grit required of you isn't always worth it in the end-again, we mean needles. But don't worry, we found
And people who are tired of getting hurt.
Gone are the days when having your whole body stamped in ink meant you couldn't get a job. Studies have shown that the stigma that comes with having a tattoo has changed with time. Nowadays, the problem isn't
Cheers to seven days of having cool ink!
If you've always fantasized about having a tattoo but you're scared of the commitment that comes with it, we've found the perfect product for you! We road-tested Penshoppe's Temporary Tattoo Pen, one of
They're perfect if you're not ready to commit to a real tattoo!
Recently, we spotted Elisse Joson wearing adorable colorful tattoos on her wrist, chest, and cheek on Instagram.And because we're curious beings, we researched and found out where we can get the same pretty ink ASAP! All their cute tatts
And they're only temporary!
Want to get inked-minus the commitment? Well, now you can, because we found these really cool gold and silver temporary tattoos that are too pretty, they can double as jewelry!Case in point:They're called Lulu DK Tattoos-made by