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As the Queen of Twitter does.
Katy Perry has spoken about her very recent breakup with Orlando Bloom-on Twitter at least! The popstar spread all her ~*positive*~ vibes to her 96.1M followers in an unexpected tweet about the split, saying:"HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF
'Please don't believe everything you read or hear.'
Rumor has it Gretchen Ho and boyfriend of three years Robi Domingo have broken up in recent months. But another detail about their split just surfaced yesterday: Robi's being linked to his good friend Sandara Park-which the Korean singer swiftly
'It is a crime, an indignity, an outrage—but not a heinous crime.'
The death penalty bill is one of the most heated issues in the country today. Naturally, it will spark a lot of debates. Once again, Philippine ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Teddy Locsin Jr. weighed in on the burning issue via
We feel you, Jessica Zafra.
For a long time, Teddy Locsin Jr. embodied our idea of a cultured, well-read gentleman who was in touch with his emotions and yet not afraid to go ballistic when needed. In case you missed it, President Rodrigo Duterte recently appointed
Think before you tweet.
The teenage daughter of outgoing Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez has apologized for her cuss-filled tweet against vice presidential frontrunner Leni Robredo and her supporters.In a post on her Twitter account on Wednesday, 16-year-old Sofia Romualdez admitted to
Plus, cupcakes!
The breakup of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick continues to devastate the world. This week, Kourtney finally (sort of) addressed the billions of requests for comment about the end of her relationship with Lord Disick, by posting a Bible quote on Twitter.