Beauty + Heart = Yes, she’s all that.
Anne Curtis was recently minted one of UNICEF Philippines' National Goodwill Ambassadors together with Daphne Oseña-Paez.Anne has always been a longtime advocate for children, and she's always been active in programs and projects that seek to protect the
'The main goal is using where I am to INSPIRE others to do good.'
Anne Curtis is a very busy woman, but not too busy to take the time and work with her favorite charities.She most recently helped out with UNICEF Philippines and Cebu Pacific's Change for Good program. While on a flight
We couldn't be more proud of you, Anne!
Anne Curtis is officially a London Marathon finisher and for a good cause! Captured by her husband Erwan Heussaff, the 33-year-old superstar shared a video of her hurdling the 42-kilometer race. On Instagram, she wrote, "Five hours trimmed down
It starts in early childhood and gets much worse as we get older.
If you're like most girls, you probably have childhood memories of playing with Polly Pockets and doll houses, pretending to cook and clean, and nursing your "baby." And while you probably had the time of your life back then, we need
The UNICEF Celebrity Advocate is running for a cause. You should, too.
Anne Curtis is not only famous as an actress, but also for following a super healthy lifestyle. The girl has a crazy work schedule, yet still finds time to run regularly. That's why it was no surprise that her first major
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