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When doing it for the 'Gram goes wrong.
Turns out the year's hottest accessory is also the same one that'll get you stranded in the middle of a giant lake. Yep, those giant pool floats are all fun and games while getting the perfect Insta pic
It has to be seen to be believed.
Ryan Reynolds has been all over the world lately promoting Deadpool 2 and, while in South Korea this week, he decided to make a different kind of stop. Footage from Sunday's episode of the uber-popular competitive singing show King
BRB, planning a roadtrip ASAP!
If you couldn't get your hands on one of the gigantic unicorn pool floats, here's a better idea: Visit this giant floating unicorn playground in Subic instead.Located in Subic Bay, Inflatable Island is "the biggest floating playground in Asia,"
I need those balloons STAT.
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo celebrated their daughter Dusty Rose Levine's first birthday with the most glorious unicorn balloons in all of existence. Behati captioned the sweet photo, "We made it once around the sun @adamlevine. Not sure who enjoyed these
For those who need a little extra sparkle! ;)
Like food parks, unicorn cafes have been slowly taking over the country. And we're totally here for it. What's better than swapping stories over milkshakes and sweet treats and in between selfies? Nothing. 1. Jamie's Cakery and KitchenLocation: St.
Her place will make you want to add more color in your life.
We know, we know. By now, you're probably so sick of unicorns and rainbows-tbh, it's kinda getting out of hand-but we're totally living for this girl's ~colorful~ apartment. Blogger Amina Mucciolo is super into whatever makes
It was definitely ~magical~!
We can't let the unicorn trend die without trying ~*unicorn tears*~! This bottle of magic started appearing all over the internet earlier this year, and we've been dying to get our hands on 'em. Mission accomplished. We asked real people
Jump on the unicorn trend with this playful DIY accessory!
Unicorns are everywhere nowadays-well, not literally, but they're in cafes, makeup brushes, cakes, nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes, and even toast! And now, you can add headbands to one of the things that has been given the unicorn touch. Here,
Anyone going to the UK this week?
Has anyone reached peak unicorn yet? We're not going to lie, we may be headed that way soon if all the glittery, rainbow goodness doesn't slow down just a little bit.But of course that wouldn't stop us from
Kind of impractical, but SO pretty.
We knew it was only a matter of time before someone had the brilliant idea of putting unicorns and nail art together-and guess what, Cosmo girls? That day is now.Cosmo UK drew our attention to Melbourne-based nail salon The
They have actual tails people.
Ok, so 2016 wasn't the best year I think we can all agree, but it wasn't all bad. If you can take a (small) break from playing "Careless Whisper" on repeat and hiding under your fleecy throw blanket, lets remember
You'll never want regular toast ever again.
The most beautiful toast on Instagram is called-but of course-unicorn toast.Food photographer and stylist Adeline Waugh, 26, first created the colorful pastel toast and initially tagged it with #ToastTheRainbow, but commenters quickly dubbed it unicorn toast.To make the
The cakes have eyelashes! EYELASHES!
Up to this point in time a unicorn cake involved sticking a unicorn topper on a cake and it was totally freaking adorable.Case in point:But imagine if the entire cake looked like a unicorn? Now that's just straight magical.
Everything on the menu is a unicorn at this dreamy Bangkok café.
Should you find yourself near Bangkok, Thailand, you'll want to stop by the Unicorn Café, where life is rainbows and unicorns - literally. The interior of the cafe looks like a pastel explosion fashioned by Lisa Frank on her most manic day.