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Congratulations, you two!
ICYDK, it's been a few months since Team Payaman vlogger Viy Cortez shared the news that she and long-time partner Cong Velasquez (more popularly known as Cong TV) were pregnant. On February 5, 2022, Viy uploaded their much-awaited
Congratulations, Viy and Cong!
Team Payaman vlogger Viy Cortez just shared some exciting news in her latest vlog: She's pregnant with her first child with her long-time partner, Cong Velasquez (more popularly known as Cong TV). This happy announcement comes almost a year
They invested in their ~dreams~!
Starting your *own* business is something a lot of people dream about-including your favorite influencers and content creators! Some of them have already taken that leap of faith and turned their dream business venture into a reality, and they've
Guess who took the number one spot?
This year, we all spent a good chunk of our time on YouTube, especially because local celebrities became especially active there-how many YouTube channels have been launched? We've lost count! Still, we're grateful for the distraction, for