*Drinks two more glasses of wine.*
Every time I read a story about someone who's lived to be 100 and then some, I immediately take stock of my own life and think, "What do I need to change to get there too?" But after hearing Florence Bearse'
You had me at Merlot.
Though it's not advisable to consume alcohol in large amounts, most of us can attest to its many perks; after all, they don't call it "liquid courage" for no reason. Plus, a glass of wine can feel like the best
Wine not?
If you're not a fan of red or white or even pink wine, maybe you should try Gik's blue wine! Gik, a Spanish entrepreneurial winemaker, had a soft (online) launch of their sweet, electric blue wine last year, but is
Just as long as you keep it moderate.
Not a day goes by when we're not told different information alcohol. First, it's that red wine keeps the heart healthy; then, it's how even light drinking can cause cancer.But before you feel guilty about taking a sip
Raise your glass!
1. It contains antioxidants. According to mayoclinic.org, red wine has antioxidants called polyphenols which help protect your heart. Reservatrol in particular helps prevent damage to blood vessels and reduces the bad cholesterols in your body. An awesome first step to wellness,
Tips to remember when ordering wine.
Remember these pointers when ordering wine:1. Taste it first. Before ordering a bottle, have your waiter or sommelier bring the bottle to your table unopened, then have him pour a small amount for you to taste. There's nothing wrong with
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