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Everyone should say yes to something extremely terrifying once in a while.
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on May 10, 2016!
Who doesn't want to look cute while werqing out?
You're not a girl, but you're not yet a woman.
That one time you went to Valkyrie, everyone was 21.
There is no such thing as, 'Oh, I can't wear that.' Kasi madaming nadadaan sa confidence and class. Also, kapal ng mukha.
We present you the ULTIMATE #throwback video of the year.
If you share this link on your boyfriend's wall, he might actually get these kicks for you for Christmas.
'Hindi ko po sinisisi si Karen Davila, ginagawa niya lamang ang kanyang trabaho.'
Welcome to the Philippines, you beautiful, smart specimen, you.
The actress obviously had enough of the ridiculous traffic situation this week.