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You're pumped to join the workforce, but you're still <i>nangangapa</i>. Here, job-hunting facts that'll jumpstart your career and other corporate-friendly tips they didn't you teach you in school.
Get tips for making it big abroad from the former <em>F </em>girl who also worked in CNN, Time, and now, KTLA.
Three-time Cosmo cover girl Angel Aquino reflects on her evolution from a fun, fabulous <em>F</em> host to being <em>Us Girls’</em> resident <em>ate </em>to Iya and Megan.
Lump together a cut, hair relax, and cellophane, and what do you get? Fuss-free, sleek locks! PLUS: Win a GC to GET the look!
Why not spend this years holidays in nearby Singapore? Check out this Cosmo guide. least for Cosmo. Find out what keeps her going in the biz and up to what extent she'll go SEXY.
The Avon Walk has been POSTPONED until further notice due to the typhoon.
The mini-concert also marked the debut of the last song Francis M. wrote with Ely Buendia.
She may be in her best shape now, but the health-conscious actress has learned to swear off crash diets and delight in the joys of indulgence.
Mark your calendars for these worth-while happenings. A lot of them feature celebs too--local to international, you name it!
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Wine is good for the skin, too! Indulge in this luxurious spa treatment.
She moves on from doing cutesy roles (and being <em>just </em>Francis M.'s daughter) to becoming a serious actress.
There's nothing like a visit from hunky James and Phil Younghusband to brighten up a working Monday!
It seems everyone can't get enough of this year's "bad boys." We spotted them in <em>Eat, Bulaga! </em>and <em>ASAP 09</em>!
TV5's latest crop of program hosts took their gab powers to Mag:net Cafe. Cosmo captured samples of their live acts.