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In anything that offends society's sensibilities, it's always the woman at fault.
Such a grand, expensive gesture is proof of Xian's love, admiration, and sincerity, right? WRONG.
These three guidelines are just the first steps to keeping your online presence secure.
TL;DR: Sen. Tito Sotto is not sorry for making fun of single moms but he's going to get away with it anyway.
'I'm unhappier when I subject myself to beauty rituals that make me uncomfortable.'
'I'd like to remind the Director-General that our empowerment does not come at men’s expense.'
This is a follow-up piece to 'The Dark Side Of Jollibee's Valentine's Video 'Vow.''
President Duterte wants the RH Law implemented in full force, but this won't happen unless the SC lifts its TRO. Here's what it means and what you can do.