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How To Achieve The ~*Bushy*~ Kilay Of Your Dreams Using A Glue Stick

BRB, buying a glue stick ASAP.
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Gone are the days when perfectly defined "Instagram brows" were a thing. Now, celebrities and influencers are embracing bushy eyebrows that look soft and natural, and we're here for it! 

If you have sparse arches, don't worry. You can fake your way to having bushy kilay by using a ~*glue*~ stick! According to Guilly Valenzuelaa celebrity makeup artist whose clientele includes Kris Bernal, Celeste Cortesi, Paolo Ballesteros, and morethe school supply works wonders in defining all your existing strands. It also helps keep your brows in place for that fluffy, brushed-up look! The makeup pro particularly loves using the OG Elmer's Gluehe prefers that over brow soaps and brow gels. 

Curious about how this beauty hack works? In this episode of Cosmo Beauty Class, Guilly gives a step-by-step tutorial on how you can score fuller eyebrows! 

How To Achieve Bushy Eyebrows Using A Glue Stick | Cosmo Beauty Class


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