5 Beauty Trends Chie Filomeno Is Always Wearing

A ~*glowing*~ kween.
PHOTO: instagram/chiefilomeno

Someone who's always on our beauty radar is Chie Filomeno—she has got the "fresh lang" makeup look down pat! Other than that, we're always turning to her for all our haircut inspo (hello, lob and wispy bangs!) Ahead, we've compiled all the trends that she has mastered:

  1. Sheer bangs

    We're a big fan of Chie's sheer bangs which she sported for quite some time—that paired with her lob make the most stylish combo.

  2. Feathered brows

    Chie is blessed with brows that don't need much filling in. A way to copy her look is to brush them up first with a gel before drawing hair-like strokes—it'll look much more natural.

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  3. Lob hairstyle

    Not going to lie: We've definitely saved pictures of Chie's lob to show our hairstylist. It just looks so chic!

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  4. Rosy flush

    There's no denying that Chie is an absolute beach bum—this is how she gets a healthy, flushed glow. But on days when she's not wading in the water, she replicates this lewk by packing on the blush.

  5. "Fresh lang" MOTD

    Chie has got the "fresh lang" look down pat: Clean skin, filled-in arches, glossy lips, and a lovely flush.

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