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10 Celebs Who Prove That Bushy Brows Are Super Chic

Goodbye, super plakado brows!

We’ve noticed a fabulous trend in the beauty department lately: No longer are clean plakado brows the choice of celebs. Today, it’s all about thick, bushy, and unkempt kilay. Here, 10 celebs who show us just how it's done:

Kim Jones

Groom your brows by brushing them up and finishing with brow gel or hairspray to make them stay in place.

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Cara Delevingne

All hail, Cara, patron saint of all the bushy-browed women around the world!

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Lovi Poe

If you already have full arches, bulk them up some more with just a bit of brow powder to fill in bald spots.

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Liza Soberano

Holy wow, brow! If you have thick arches, but have a few sparse spots, use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps. Use a spoolie and brush them upwards to highlight your eyes.

Georgina Wilson

Master the boy brows trend like the model-host by outlining your natural brow shape, and then filling in the gaps. Brow gel will keep everything in place.

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Martine Cajucom

See what we mean by not having super-shaped brows? Embrace your messy arches!

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Anne Curtis

Her brows have been through a lot—it was tough being a teen in the ‘90s!—but we are absolutely obsessed by how the actress lets them grow freely now. If you have the same brow type as Anne, use hairspray on a spoolie and then run it across your brows to tame stubborn hairs.

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Lily Collins

What can we say, some people are just really #blessed with good genes? Let your brows be the focus of your look by filling them in as you please and keeping the makeup on your face as minimal as possible.

Jasmine Curtis

Her arches may not be as thick as big sis Anne’s, but the Cosmo cover girl sure knows how to keep them tame. Doing a straight brow shape like Jasmine’s gives you a sweeter and younger look.

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Janine Gutierrez

Fact: Janine was bullied when she was a kid because of her naturally thick brows. Today, everyone would kill to have arches like hers!

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