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16 Struggles Girls With REALLY Thick Hair Have To Deal With


1. It takes forever for your hair to get wet when you take a bath.

It's like your hair never feels wet enough. And when you try to guide the water through your hair with your fingers, you just end up having to deal with more and more dry hair. THIS is why you take long showering.

2. Shampooing and rinsing your hair are intense arm workouts.

As if thick hair isn't heavy enough, how about having them wet? Massaging your scalp and having to constantly lift your hair always make your biceps sore. And you have to do those for a long time because you have thick hair and water does not go all the way in.

At least you're getting toned biceps? #Asa

3. Clogging the drain with the many strands of hair you shed.

Can you imagine the water overflowing because your hair clogged the drain? You can slip on wet tiles!


4. You need to fix your hair or else it'll be a mess.

Sadly, no one thinks highly of a person with buhaghag hair. You don't look neat or classy.

5. Curling or ironing your hair takes a lot of time too.

Seriously, how many more sections can you make from your hair? You've been at it for half an hour now!

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6. Getting it into a clean ponytail can be really tough 'cos your pantali won't even loop three times.

It can just do two loops, but that's too loose! So much for tying your hair to keep it neat.

7. You've had trouble clipping your hair too.

Remember those times when you were a kid and you had to push really hard against your head just to lock the clip, but you still couldn't close it? Yup, that was painful. Also, it still happens today!

8. Bobby pins get lost in your hair.

You've been roused from your sleep when you felt something sharp, cold, and hard poke your head. You just can't get all the bobby pins out 'cos it's so hard to find them. Yup, #MyHairIsSoFullOfSecrets

9. Humidity is your enemy.


Your hair couldn't be more frizzy and buhaghag, and you've freaked people out with your really big hair. They didn't know it could get any bigger! Like IT'S ALIVE.

10. Having your hair combed by someone at the salon who isn't careful.

You just want to yell at her to BE GENTLE. Obviously there are tangles everywhere; your hair just got washed and it's thick!

11. The idea of your guy running his fingers through your hair isn't romantic. At all.

You even wish he wouldn't dare touch your hair because you know his fingers will just get caught and he'll tug a tangle and you'll get hurt and you'll get pissed and now you don't want to do anything but cry.

12. Nor is it sexy.

Your hair is EVERYWHERE when things get frisky, and it's all tousled up in all the wrong ways that you're sure your hairstyle is so far from hot at this point.


13. Running out of conditioner and not having a spare bottle.

Uh oh. Now you'll have to suffer the consequences: Combing your tangles away inch by inch, layer by layer, nearly a hundred times; wanting to give up combing your hair only after a few seconds since you started; straining your arms; feeling utterly hopeless and frustrated that your hair is so thick.

14. Short hair isn't good on you.


Short hair just poofs everything up, and it won't look as good on you as it does on Beyonce.

15. Hearing people say they want thick hair.

They have no idea what they're wishing for. Not everything is about looking good, okay! It's hard to have thick hair too!

16. You were bullied a lot for having big hair as a kid (and sometimes until now).

When you were a kid, you didn't know how to style your hair, and you didn't give a damn about conditioner. So yes, your hair was huge. At least now you know how to handle it, even by just a bit, and when it's your lucky day, you da bomb.


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