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4 Ways To Level Up Your Beauty Score

As shown by top fashion bloggers Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, and Lissa Kahayon.

Cosmo Girls know it best: The modern Pinay takes things to the next level. Whether it’s a great job opportunity or a chance to explore new places, you can have the confidence and ability to chase your dreams and make your aspirations the new reality.

Take a cue from beauty and fashion bloggers Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, and Lissa Kahayon! In 2007, Nicole packed her bags and left her showbiz career to prioritize her studies in the US. Kryz, on the other hand, grew her school project blog into a fashion and travel inspiration for online Pinays. Patricia went from posting her everyday look on Lookbook and Chictopia to creating her own lifestyle blog. Meanwhile, Lissa started as Liz Uy's assistant and became a fashion stylist herself.

Watch the videos below featuring these top Pinay bloggers and get inspired to take your talent and beauty to the next level.

1. Nicole Andersson shares #BeautyUp rules to ace an interview.


2. Kryz Uy divulges how to #BeautyUp and travel in style.

3. Patricia Prieto talks about #BeautyUp tips for every night out.

4. Lissa Kahayon gives ways to #BeautyUp from day to night.

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