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This Is The Haircut You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

It's so fresh and ~cool~!
PHOTO: Instagram/leevollie

Summer is the best time to cut your hair short. You'll expose your nape, neck, and shoulders to the cool breeze, which can make you feel fresh and comfy during sweltering days. Plus, it's just really fun to try a new look as the season changes.

If you're thinking of getting a chop other than the usual blunt and layered style, try this fresh style we're seeing everywhere: The A-line bob. The hair is cut short at the back with longer front ends. The angled shape makes the hair look thicker, bouncier, and healthier.

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We love how an A-line cut makes the hair look really voluminous.

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This super straight, razor-sharp version is giving us cool-girl vibes.

Oh, it has a lob version, too!

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It looks so ~*pretty*~ with ombré hair color.

BRB, going to the salon!

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