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How To Cut Your Own Bangs, According To Alodia Gosiengfiao

Put down those scissors and read this first.
PHOTO: instagram/alodia

Whether you're bored or you simply can't be bothered to go to the salon, sometimes you just *need* to take matters into your own hands. Read: Cutting your bangs by yourself. It's always better if a trained and professional hairstylist will trim your fringe for you, but if time does not permit such luxury, you can always go the DIY route (without looking like you butchered your tresses).

But before you go ham on your hair, put your scissors down and watch Alodia Gosiengfiao's mini tutorial on how she cuts her bangs. Read on to be guided:

Alodia has side bangs that blend out nicely with the rest of her hair, but they're looking quite long, so she decided to trim them. She began by cutting the ends downwards with a pair of small scissors. (Please don't use kitchen shears!) She adjusts and combs her bangs every few snips or so to make sure the length still looks okay.

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She also goes in at an angle with her scissors and snips at the ends of her bangs to create a softer, more natural look. (This technique is called point cutting.) Then, as a final step, she spritzes hairspray on her fringe to help it stay in place. She also puts some of the product on her thumb and index finger so she can apply it with more precision.

Watch Alodia's full mini tutorial here and take notes:

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