Ariana Grande's New Hair Color Is Gorgeous AF!

Is that you Mother of Dragons?
PHOTO: Instagram/arianagrande

Ariana Grande's new hair color gave us serious Daenerys Targaryen vibes. Like the Game of Thrones' resident Mother of Dragons, the singer now sports long, icy blonde locks.

There also seems to be a hint of lavender to her tresses, giving it a millennial and ~ethereal~ vibe!

This isn't the first time Ari traded her brunette hair for silver tresses, though. She went platinum blonde when she released the music video of her song "Focus" back in 2015.

She naturally has dark hair, so dyeing it to this shade must have required A LOT of bleaching. If you want to get the same hue as her, we recommend you read this article first to prepare you for the whole process. ;)

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