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This Low-Maintenance Hairstyle Will Be Your New Go-To

And it's adorably named after a fruit!

The struggle is very real to get up every morning and properly do your hair and makeup. Luckily, this low-maintenance 'do will save you time when fixing your hair so you can cut your routine shorter.

According to Byrdie, the banana bun is an "über-chic low-slung hairstyle that takes but a couple of minutes to recreate." Basically, it's perfect for the office, girls' night out, dinner with your friends and family, or when you just want to hang out with yourself at home but still want to look bangin' awesome. 

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Get a better look at this trendy style here:

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Look at how it emphasized her highlights. 

It's even approved by "French girls," so you know it's super chic.

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There are no rules for how messy or textured it has to be, so don't be afraid to go ALL OUT! 

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