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15 Bridesmaid Hairstyles That Will Suit Every Hair Type

Whether you've got straight or curly hair!
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As wedding season is upon us, we are treating you to our favorite bridesmaid hairstyles for every season and every theme. No matter your hair length or type, we've found something for you. From sleek buns, to natural curls, and tousled updos. Not to mention floral waves, dramatic hairbands and crystal clips. We've got all the inspiration you need.

  1. Naturalista

    One for team natural and for the sisters with heavily textured hair who want to embrace their kinks and curls. The style alone is stunning, but the hair jewelry takes it to the next level.

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  2. Modern classic

    The pick-a-mix hair clips add a modern edge to the classic Hollywood S-wave. Recreate this look using an assortment of pearl, diamond, and gold accessories.

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  3. Braided crown

    Flower crowns don't need to make you look like you're attending a music festival circa 2009, as this cute plaited design shows.

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  4. Sleek Pony

    A relatively straightforward style to achieve, depending on how much detail you choose at the back and how long your baby hairs take to tame.

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  5. Accessorized bob

    Not every bridesmaid has long hair or wants to use clip-ons and lace fronts. If you want to stick to yout short bob, play with dramatic hairbands and accessories.

  6. Cascading florals

    We love the simplicity and elegance of this hairstyle, perfect for that rustic wedding your bestie has been planning.

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  7. Sunny dreads

    Bold fishtail braids and hair accessories (such as flowers, braid rings, or even adjustable hair cuffs to match the coloe palette) are such a great way to bring warmth and an element of fun to your overall look.

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  8. Tousled updo

    This loose bun is everything and then some. We love this look with highlights and lowlights to add lots of dimension and shine, and you can always spice it up with some decorative hair accessories like flowers or pearls.

  9. High pony

    Channel your inner Ariana Grande with a high ponytail that has more drama than the YouTube beauty community. Customize your own by making it sleek or tousled, with or without loose strands.

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  10. Royal naturel

    Another one for the sisters going au naturel this wedding season. Big, fun, yet sophisticated and just downright beautiful. Hair accessories could bring a bit of bling to the look, but it can definitely be paired with some flowers instead, for a more earthy and raw finish.

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  11. Ballerina bun

    This simple sleek bun is a wonderful way to look crisp and glamorous all-in-one. It’s relatively universal, so it should look good with any color or texture of hair, as long as you have some hair gel at hand.

  12. Runway flame

    A sleek high ponytail with braiding detailing brings lots elegance and fun to the wedding photos. Plus, it gives the illusion of height so you can scrap those high heels. Let's face it, they were never going to last the night anyway.

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  13. Gold rings

    Add a bit of glamour to your natural looking locs, by adding some hair jewelry and perhaps golden string intertwining between each braid or loc.

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  14. Turned up volume

    A classic style that you can't go wrong with. It's a look that can be recreated with slight changes for each bridesmaid by adding a personal touch to each. An easy win if the bride is going for a uniform look for the bridal squad and want everyone on board.

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  15. Deep parts

    This one is perfectly polished and edgy at the same time. Whether you've got straight or culry hair, you'll never go wrong with this 'do.


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