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10 Celebs Who Will Convince You To Get Bangs *Right Now*

When in doubt, add bangs!
Pinay celebs with bangs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/glaizaredux, Instagram/blythe

I know it's already February, but it still feels like everyone is still on a "New Year, New Me" vibe. Left and right, celebs (and friends) have been posting about their hair makeovers, and one trend I noticed is that they can't get enough of bangs.

Admit it or not, there is a certain high that you get when you see your new fringe. You feel like a different person. Depending on the style that you choose, you will look fiercer or sweeter!

Intrigued? Here are 10 Pinay celebs who will convince you to try bangs:

10 Cute Hairstyles with Bangs, As Seen On Pinay Celebs

  1. Arra San Agustin

    Look like a doll with blunt bangs!

    Hairstyle with bangs: Arra San Agustin
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  2. Sarah Lahbati

    A super short bob with parted bangs = the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle.

    Hairstyle with bangs: Sarah Lahbati

  3. Andrea Brillantes

    Here's a peg if you want a hair makeover but you're not ready to chop off your long locks.

    Hairstyle with bangs: Andrea Brillantes
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  4. Bela Padilla

    We promise you'll look extra pretty with wispy bangs and wavy hair!

    Hairstyle with bangs: Bela Padilla

  5. Sue Ramirez

    NGL, she's giving us Lisa Manoban vibes here!

    Hairstyle with bangs: Sue Ramirez
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  6. Arci Muñoz

    Arci was never afraid to try beauty risks! Case in point: her split hair color and full blunt bangs.

    Hairstyle with bangs: Arci Munoz

  7. Elisse Joson

    Ask for sheer bangs like Elisse's if you want a subtle hair makeover.

    Hairstyle with bangs: Elisse Joson
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  8. Janella Salvador

    If you want a drastic change, dye your hair blonde and add wispy bangs!

    Hairstyle with bangs: Janella Salvador

  9. Mikee Quintos

    Part your full bangs in the middle for a low-key sexy look!

    Hairstyle with bangs: Mikee Quintos
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  10. Glaiza de Castro

    Make any hairstyle look much more interesting with side-swept bangs, caramel highlights, and an espresso base color.

    Hairstyle with bangs: Glaiza de Castro
    Jespher Sales via Instagram/glaizaredux

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