Easy Looks You Can Do With Hairpins

It's a minimalist's dream.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/hairbymycke, (RIGHT) Instagram/maryh.ott

If you're running out of hairstyle ideas, just bring out your hairpins (metallic ones, preferably) to create the coolest looks.

Keep your hair away from your face by clipping it to one side.

And while you're at it, create a pound sign for a more interesting touch.

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Instead of using hair ties to secure your braids, use two bobby pins.

Get a section of hair in the middle, tie it, and decorate with hairpins. This 'do can lengthen the shape of your face.

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Add an extra feminine touch to your tousled waves with two hairpins placed below your bangs.

Take things up a notch by strategically placing embellished hairpins in a starburst shape.

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Or even a triangle!

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