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OMG! This Hack Will Help You Fake A Salon Blowout In Seconds

My mind was like 'WHOA!'
PHOTO: Instagram/jung_sol

You guys, I'm so excited to share this discovery with you that my heart is beating as fast as I am typing this article! I found a hairstyling tutorial on the internet that I'm pretty sure will change your life forever. I'm not exaggerating. 

South Korean hairstylist Jung Sol posted a quick video on how you can give yourself a volumizing blowout with little effort. Before watching her technique, I only believed that ~bonggang~ big hair was only possible if I go to a salon. I just couldn't see myself working with a boar brush as I blowdry my hair—it's too much for me. If I do blowdry my locks, usually just flip my head and blast the dryer. But, after watching the clip, I realized there was a faster and easier way to do it! My mind was, "Whoa! I can now save more time in the morning!"

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Here's how she did it: She secured the front section of her hair with two alligator clips, placing them close to the roots. After, she blasted the blowdryer and unveiled lifted roots, aka instant volume. THAT IS ALL, FOLKS. Her hack is simply genius and time-saving!

Check out the full demo below:

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