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6 Easy Ways To Style Short Hair, According To Selena Gomez

Here are the looks you can try with your lob!
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Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you have to be stuck with one style while you're growing it out. If your tresses are at the lob stage, then here are six Selena Gomez-inspired looks that you can pull off during special occasions or when you just want to look and feel like a #queen.

'60s Half-Pony 

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A half-pony looks good on anyone. To make yours stand out, add a bit of volume to the crown of your head and spray a texturizing mist all over to make your hair look piece-y and "undone."

Blunt Lob 

Get the edges of your hair trimmed into one length, and make sure the ends are blunt. If you're heading out, use a flat iron for a polished and sleek look!

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Old Hollywood Waves 

We love Selena's ~glamorous~ vibe here! To recreate this, use a flat iron to curl your hair, then brush it out. Follow with an anti-frizz oil or spray to make sure your tresses look put-together and not buhaghag.


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While your locks are still wet, flip them over your head and blow dry—this will add a ton of volume, trust us! Next, use your trusty flat iron to fix any kinks or flyaways.

Fun Curls 

To get Selena's edgy curly hair, braid your damp tresses into small and big sections. Blow dry the braids, and once you're sure that your mane is no longer wet, gently untangle the braids one by one and tousle.

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Textured Bedhead 

All you have to do is air dry your locks, add some texturizing spray, and you're ready to go! 

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