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Pretty Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself

When DIY is the only way to go...
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Attending a wedding soon? Save money by doing your own hair instead of going to a salon to have it styled. Below, we show you how to do the easiest glam hairstyles you can wear to any fancy occasion.


These simple hair accessories can elevate your everyday hairstyle in seconds!

Polished and Sweet

Using a large-barrel curling iron, add big curls to your hair. Brush your locks and part your hair to the side. Secure both sides with colored hairpins.

Glam Patterns

Add voluminous waves and create an extreme side part. Clip the smaller section with hairpins, and play with patterns while you're at it!

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Sleek Contrast

Smoothen out the hair on your crown and secure each side with hairpins. Contrast the slick finish by adding textured waves on the rest of your tresses.


You can do these hairstyles even with your eyes closed! 

Sophisticated Gloss

Straighten your locks with a hair iron for a smooth finish. Part your hair in the middle and tie it to a low ponytail. Spritz your crown with hairspray or apply shine serum to get rid of baby hairs.

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Low-key Boho

Braid your hair or do space buns. Leave it on overnight to unravel waves the next day. Spritz sea salt spray for texture and style your tresses into a low ponytail.

Prim and Proper

Put your hair up in a high ponytail and tie a pretty ribbon around it—yup, that's all!

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Dress up your look with hair bling!

Easy Peasy

Tuck your hair behind your ears with the help of bejeweled barrettes.

Light and Shine

You'll never say no to undone waves and sparkling barrettes.

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Of course, a wedding hairstyle list won't be complete without updos!

Sexy Mess

If you're too tamad to fix your hair, just put it up in a messy bun and let a few strands fall to frame your face.

Glo Up

Feeling a bit edgy? Do a sleek topknot. The trick is to smoothen out the tangles to achieve that sleek look. Flip your head before tying your hair into a high ponytail. Twist your tresses to form a knot, and secure everything with bobby pins. Spritz shine-boosting hairspray all over to lock in the style.

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These classic picks won't let you down—pun intended.

Classic and Pretty

With a center-part, style your hair in a half-pony. You can add a flower or a pretty barrette at the back for a polished look.

Pinned Back

You may opt to blow-dry, curl, or straighten your hair for this look. Part your hair to one side, and twist the smaller section behind your ear. This 'do aims to emphasize your bone structure, making your face appear slimmer.

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The Flip

If you've got a lob and you're tired of dealing with flyways, try this look! All you need to do is to run a straightener on your locks and flip the ends outward. Sounds pretty easy, right?

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