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Every Thing The Pinay Needs To Know Before Going Blonde

If you have dark tresses and you want blonde hair, read this first!

If you’ve finally gathered enough courage—and money—to finally go blonde, here are some things you should know:

1. Get professional help. Don’t be tempted by those DIY blonde kits on Pinterest. Going blonde means having to bleach your hair—a process that will require the help of an expert. “Have you ever seen cooked sotanghon? That’s what the hair will look like from being over-processed from the bleach if not done properly,” said "stylist to the stars" and salon owner, Louis Phillip Kee.

2. Know what shade of blonde you want. Look for hair pegs! Look for celebs who have the same skin tone as you do, and ask your hairstylist to work his or her magic. Looking for a real-life hair peg is a million times better than relying on swatches in the salon or on a box of hair dye or on Pinterest.

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3. Anyone can go blonde, it’s just a matter of matching it with your skin tone. Nope, going blonde is absolutely not limited to mestizas, because morenas can definitely rock a blonde ‘do, too. “Platinum- or ash violet-blonde shades for dark skin-tones would be most appealing,” said Louis. He also advises to stay away from tones that have too much white or orange hues, because these will definitely look unnatural and cheap. 

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4. Don’t wash your hair before getting bleached. Protect your scalp by not washing your hair a few days prior to your treatment. This will also keep your mane from drying during the process.

5. Bleaching is absolutely necessary. Karina Mantolino, L’Oreal Professionel Color Expert and owner of Regine’s Salon, says, “According to research, we [Asians] have a lot of red and orange pigments in our hair versus Caucasians, who have mostly yellow and blue. That is why Pinays have an orange tone when they color their hair. So in order for you to achieve a true blonde (gold or ash), you must have your hair bleached. Bleaching gets rid of all the red/orange pigments in your hair.”

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6. You won’t go blonde overnight. The process of getting gorgeous platinum blonde locks will happen after a minimum of two to three sessions, depending on various factors. Consider your hair’s length, volume, texture, and how well it will work with the products. So when you do decide to book your appointment, dedicate a whole day for it.

7. You will have to get ~*special*~ hair care products. According to Louis, using purple shampoo is important to keep your hair from looking brassy or like kalawang. To keep your hair from drying out and looking frizzy, Karina also recommends using hair masks two to three times a week.

8. It’s pretty high maintenance. Once your hair has been bleached, prepare to make a lot of changes. “In most cases bleached hair is already vulnerable to damage and snapping, causing hairs to interlock and tangle easily,” says Louis. Keep your hair looking healthy by using smoothing products as well.

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9. Touchups are absolutely necessary. Karina suggests to book an appointment once every six to eight months, or when you spot at least one centimeter of hair regrowth—whichever comes first.

10. Get highlights. “Instead of going full blonde right away, I always suggest to do highlights first to prepare you for the lighter shade. Highlights also add dimension and depth to your hair,” says Karina.

11. Get ready to change your makeup, too.  Match your blonde locks with a more subdued makeup look. You want to focus more on bringing out your features with soft hues. We recommend swiping on lipstick and filling in your brows.

12. It will cost…a lot. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair plus the brands of the products that will be used, going blonde can set you back P5,000-P6,000, minimum. A little pricey, yes, but that’s what you have to pay to ensure that you will have soft, healthy hair afterwards.

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We want you Cosmo girls to be bold and try out trends and looks you've always wanted to give a shot. If going blonde is on your bucket list, we say go for it!

Looking for fantastic salons to go blonde? We suggest checking out Louis Phillip Kee Salon and Regine's Salon.

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