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Get Sexy Hair in 15 Minutes Or Less!

No time? No problem!

Okay, so we hear you, CGs: Getting sexy bed hair for Valentine's Day isn't as easy as 1-2-3. Because really, who wakes up looking like a freakin' Victoria's Secret angel?!

We turned to the best hair teacher (YouTube, duh) to give y'all the easiest, simplest tutorials you can study in time for the BIG DAY. 

Happy hair styling!

1. What we love about this hair video is that you don't need to use heat to get sexy hair

2. Because all you really need in life to seduce your boyfriend on V-Day are hairspray, mousse, and lots and lots of rollers.

3. Lauren Conrad has perfected the art of looking effortlessly fabulous on any given day, and this tutorial shows y'all how to score her beach babe wavy locks. 

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