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Do You Really Need A Hair And Scalp Detox?

Maybe it's time for a reset?
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If you feel like you haven't had a good hair day in a while, even with your supposedly ~*great*~ products, it might be because your tresses and scalp are due for a detox.

What is it and why do you need to do it?

Unknown to many, ~hair and scalp detoxing~ should be regularly done because of product buildup. (Product buildup: residue from your styling products, shampoos, and conditioners). When the openings of the hair follicles are blocked, new strands could stop sprouting, your hair gets brittle, and even worse, you could develop dandruff. 

Removing the layer of gunk allows your haircare and styling products work better. Plus, this habit lets your locks grow healthy and strong. Think of it as a deep-cleanse for your scalp. There are various ways to do it, so choose the method that best suits your lifestyle:

Clarifying shampoo

Lathering a clarifying shampoo can rid of the scalp's product buildup and leave it squeaky clean.

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Frequency: Twice a month

Great for: Normal to oily hair

Avoid: Dry and colored hair

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Apple cider vinegar cleanse

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has antimicrobial properties that can cleanse your scalp of impurities, aka dandruff-causing fungus. Plus, its acidic content prevents the fungus from living on your head.

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Here's how you do it: Combine equal parts of ACV and water and massage it on your scalp to loosen up the gunk. Leave it on for three minutes and rinse. (Tip: ACV smells ~weird~ so this is best done on days when you're just staying at home.)

Frequency: Once to twice a month

Great for: Normal, dry, and oily hair

Avoid: Colored hair

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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Robinsons Supermarket

Rinsing vinegar

This ~unique~ haircare product can be used every day. It enhances the luster of your hair, and it prevents your conditioner from leaving a slick film on the scalp.

Frequency: Daily

Great for: All hair types, including colored hair

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar, P495, SM Southmall

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TL;DR: Do it twice a month or every week for healthier and shinier locks!

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