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6 Hairstyles You Can Try To Hide Dandruff

Here's how you can temporarily hide those flakes!
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You shouldn't be extremely ashamed of dandruff because it happens to everyone. Translation: Chill out, sister. It's NBD.

But if you're bothered about constantly shoo-ing away flakes off of your shoulders, try these hairstyles that will conceal and hold them in place. These can help you fake a clear, healthy head of hair while you solve your dandruff problem.

  1. Top Bun

    If dandruff primarily appears on your hair part, try putting your locks up in a chic top bun. The brushed up tresses will cover the flakes.

  2. Glam Waves

    The va-va-voom volume will help "camouflage flakes," according to Allure. And let's be honest, this style is universally-flattering—it looks great on all face shapes!
  3. Textured Lob

    If your tresses are too short for glam waves, just add a few hair bends and do light teasing to make your locks look extra voluminous and quickly cover dandruff. [Via Allure]

  4. Half-Pony

    Create an undone half-ponytail to change up your style and switch your hair part to cover up the flakes.
  5. Loose Braids

    Bustle reported that braids, whether loose or tight, prevents the flakes from falling on your shoulders.
  6. Ponytail

    This is by far, the easiest and quickest look you can try if you have dandruff. Whether high or low, a ponytail can hide your scalp's issues!
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Also, if you just c-a-n-n-o-t deal with dandruff anymore, and you're tired of shampoos that claim to work but don't, try this at-home remedies: Aloe vera gel to soothe and hydrate your scalp or an aspirin hair mask to calm down the itch.  Check this list to discover more DIY dandruff-fighting solutions. But if you don't see any improvement in your condition, consult a dermatologist ASAP.

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