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10 Ways To Make Your Half-Ponytail Extra Pretty

Like adding flowers on the sides of your hair!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/gerypenaso, (RIGHT) Instagram/paulnebres

A half-ponytail, like the OG ponytail, looks good on everyone. If you're planning to wear the hairstyle to a special event or occasion, here are a few ways you can change it up!

Tease the roots 

This will give your locks extra volume and make your half-pony look polished! 

Crimp your hair and add a scrunchie 

If you want to be more *extra*, add fun and colorful highlights your look!

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Leave a few tendrils to frame your face 

Pefect for date night or a garden wedding!

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Wear it high up and straighten your hair inwards 

You'll look like a Spice Girl with this 'do. ;)

Keep it loose and flaunt those baby hairs 

Style your hair into loose waves for the ultimate ~*undone*~ hairstyle!

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Add some flowers 

Future brides, take note!

Go for a punk + glam look 

All you'll need is some mousse, hair gel, and a choker.

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Try a high half-ponytail with curled tresses

This Nadine Lustre-approved look will give your features an instant lift!

Add a pretty headband 

The sparklier the headband, the better!

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Sweep it to the side for an ~Old Hollywood~ vibe 

Don't forget to wear a rose or red lipstick to complete the look! 

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