Here Is An Update On Miley Cyrus' Armpits

Girl had a pit party. It was pit perfect.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your armpit hair, as demonstrated by Miley Cyrus.

When the singer went onstage to present an award during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18, she raised her arms to reveal her underarm hair.

The singer hasn’t be waxing or shaving at all, as she’s been constantly updating her Instagram with photos of her pits just because.

We thought the girl was going to shave her pits already, when she posted this pic with celebrity hair colorist JJ Anderson.

We thought it was shaving cream, until Miley posted this photo:

Turns out, the singer wasn't planning on shaving her hair. She was actually having them bleached. Say hello to Miley Cyrus—with pink pits!

Because why not?


Nothing Wrong With Showing Armpit Hair, Says Miley Cyrus

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